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Ideas for Christmas dinner starters please

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FoofFighter Sun 16-Oct-16 21:08:58

What starters do you all have? Needing some ideas please!

Not salmon and not soups though due to fussy buggers dislikes

MTWTFSS Sun 16-Oct-16 21:22:24


MTWTFSS Sun 16-Oct-16 21:24:42

We have either Asparagus or Multi colour melon balls.

pillowaddict Sun 16-Oct-16 21:25:12

We always have a terrine, usually chicken and sausage meat with a kind of cheese wrapped in prosciutto. Serve with crusty bread and a bit of rocket. We have a very small portion on Christmas day so lots of leftovers for boxing day where it joins the leftover turkey and ham and cheese as part of the boxing day buffet!

EmbarassedQuestion Sun 16-Oct-16 21:25:16

We always have pate with crusty bread and chutney.

Tarrarra Sun 16-Oct-16 21:26:05

Melon and Parma ham, prawn cocktail, egg mayonnaise, antipasti or deep fried brie. Has to be something faffless!

FoofFighter Sun 16-Oct-16 21:28:01

YY the less faffless the better!

notagiraffe Sun 16-Oct-16 21:33:06

parma ham with fresh figs, salad leaves and crusty bread

baked camembert with cardamom chutney and oat cakes

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 16-Oct-16 21:35:44

No starter here ............. <<leaves thread>>

If it;s a Special Meal but not Christmas Dinner, I like :

Deep fried Brie/Camenbert with rocket and mango chutney

Mushrooms filed with garlic/herb Philly and covered in breadcrumb then deep fried.

I'm having New Year with my DParents so I think I'll do veg soup (they wouldn't go for brie fgrin )

KC225 Wed 19-Oct-16 00:09:44

Retro prawn cocktail. Like angels dancing on your tongue

UntilTheCowsComeHome Wed 19-Oct-16 00:20:22

We always have pate with toasted seeded bread and a nice chutney.

FoofFighter Wed 19-Oct-16 19:05:02

Mmmm prawn cocktail could be a goer

KitKat1985 Wed 19-Oct-16 19:20:26

Breaded brie / camembert bites with some cranberry sauce and dressed salad leaves is my favourite Christmas starter.

chollawallabollaholla Wed 19-Oct-16 19:23:31

Brie wrapped in filo pastry is absolutely divine and goes down a treat in our house! Serve with cranberry sauce or caramelised onions

Ilovewillow Wed 19-Oct-16 19:25:09

How about a deli platter, easy to do in advance and not too heavy - meats, cheeses, olives, pate etc

Lilaclily Wed 19-Oct-16 19:26:38

No starter !
It's the biggest , most calorific meal of the year ! Who'd want to fill up on melon and Parma ham when there's turkey and all the trimmings soon after, plus Christmas breakfast / brunch !

OhTheRoses Wed 19-Oct-16 19:28:42

We don't have one. Christmas lunch followed by pudding is more than enough for us.

Lightly grilled halloumi with a lime and caper dressing, rocket garnish and good dark bread is good though.

Something ready made from M&S?

CharminglyGawky Wed 19-Oct-16 19:39:54

We don't have one, a huge roast is plenty for us! Plus room in the kitchen to plate up a starter seems a faff, especially if you need to give up precious oven space for it!

On other days around the Christmas period we like things like pate, or baked Brie/camenbert, I love a proper retro prawn cocktail but they are often judged to be old fashioned despite the fact that they are delicious!

FoofFighter Wed 26-Oct-16 14:23:38

Just to report back we decided on mini haggis truffles and baby salad leaves, with whisky sauce smile (taste tested last night!)

That1950sMum Wed 26-Oct-16 14:26:47

No started here because we all eat more than our body weight in the main course so a starter would seem inappropriate! We do have some mini brie and cranberry bites or some such thing at about 10.30 with a glass of cava though. grin

Ceaser1981 Wed 26-Oct-16 19:11:00

With a little light salad and a fruity chutney

viques Wed 26-Oct-16 19:14:20

Sorry, but it has to be really good smoked salmon, with thinly sliced brown bread and butter and a wedge of lemon. I thought that was the law . Not filling at all, easy to prepare beforehand and totally delicious.

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