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Christmas fairs - advice needed please

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Lulu10170 Sun 16-Oct-16 17:58:55

Hi Mums,

My very first post here! ;-)

I need some advice please. I am looking at having a stall at a few Christmas fairs. The ones I am considering are infant and junior schools (i.e. kids aged 4 - 12 as a general guide). The items I do are generally personalised things - baubles, santa plates, ornaments, etc. But last year I didn't sell a huge amount, so I am trying to decide if I had the wrong kind of things, or if my price points were too high.

Please help me understand:

1. Would you as an adult buy stuff from the fair? What kind of things would you buy (home decor for Xmas, Xmas decorations for the tree, food related / chocolate hampers, pampering related / cosmetic hampers, gifts for family and friends, etc) and what price point would you consider spending?

2. Would you give your children money to spend at the fair? What kinds of things do you think they would be interested to buy (eg. toys, sweet hampers, jewellery, etc) and at what price point?

3. Would you be more inclined to buy a personalised product at the fair if you could pick it up before leaving the fair? Or would you be happy to wait about 10 days to receive your personalised product?

4. Is there anything that you would absolutely love to see at a Xmas fair that would make you think "YES!!! I must have that NOW!!!", what would it be?

5. What is the latest date that you would buy Xmas decor or gifts at a fair (some of the fairs feel too close to Christmas for me, so I am unsure if it's worth my while or not).

Any other insights are most welcome!
Thanks ladies! xxx

Toomanycats99 Sun 16-Oct-16 18:07:49

Our school does two separate Xmas events.,one is the school fair. That is purely games like hook a duck, tombola etc. Then they do an adults only Xmas shopping evening. That tends to be the craft type stalls. There is a lady that makes head bracelets with name on. A lady that does the Xmas Baubles. PlInnones that she just writes names on in glitter pen with a few spots of sparkle. They are £3 I think and she had abut a 45 minute wait so assume she was doing ok! The hand made cards, decorations etc. I have been last 2 years and bough bits but probably won't go this year as it will be much of the same .

Toomanycats99 Sun 16-Oct-16 18:08:40

Excuse the spellings. Bead not head. and don't know where that random word came from!

fraggle84 Sun 16-Oct-16 19:07:43

Some allergy friendly food related stocking fillers for kids -

AbBanana Sun 16-Oct-16 19:26:06

You need photos and prices. It really depends on your product and how much time it looks like it may take, and whether it looks like something I could produce myself, or something beyond my capabilities. Lots of stuff at fairs I find either look like stuff I see at tk maxx for half the price (design isn't original enough) or stuff I could do myself.

To me, if I saw anything over £20, it would no longer be an "impulse" purchase at a fair and I'd want to take a postcard with a product photo on it and take a look at your website / etsy store. I'd probably buy something in the 30-40£ if I could then compare it to other stuff on etsy, to see it wasn't overpriced, etc. (But I wouldn't buy something else off etsy instead of your product as I had seen yours in person).

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