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Letitgoletitgo Sun 16-Oct-16 12:50:28

So the only thing ds (7) can tell me he wants for Christmas is a furby. Are there any "furby experts" about?! The newest ones I can see seem to be about £100, gulp! Are they worth it? I remember having one years ago as a child and actually they were pretty naff? If I buy an older (eBay) model is that not going to be up to scratch? Help please!

dementedpixie Sun 16-Oct-16 16:04:30

Argos has the furby connect at around £75. My Dd had the furby boom toys but didn't use them for long and now they just gather dust. Think there is an app you can download to interact with the furby

wonderingsoul Sun 16-Oct-16 16:21:41

Nooopppe not worth it at all imo

You can get second hands for 30ish pound which would be a better option imo and theybcan be reset so wont make a difference long as its clean off course.

OvO Sun 16-Oct-16 16:49:14

We have a Furby Boom and it was only £30 and even then it's still not worth the money. It was played with for around a total of 2 hours and that's it. And that's between two children!

£100 could get some brilliant toys, I'd be showing him the Smyths catalogue! grin

Letitgoletitgo Sun 16-Oct-16 17:51:49

Argh, I know! But he's been through the smyths catalogue and is still all he wants! And I know what a waste they are too 😵🙈

AmserGwin Sun 16-Oct-16 17:59:11

Get a furby boom! (£30ish) or keep looking in sales, you might get the new one cheaper before Xmas. Toyr r us have a half price sale at the moment - worth a look. Some of the supermarkets sell them too, as well as Argos etc.

AmserGwin Sun 16-Oct-16 17:59:51

My boys loved theirs by the way, especially using the app to hatch new babies

Letitgoletitgo Sun 16-Oct-16 18:24:03

Thanks Amser - do you know what the difference is between the boom and the newest version?

FannyFifer Sun 16-Oct-16 18:25:15

Hatchimals seem to be the new furby type craze this year.

Letitgoletitgo Sun 23-Oct-16 11:12:50

Further questions.... Grandparents have got ds a kindle fire - the one that's about £48 on amazon, basic model, not HD. I'm seeing that the boom app won't work on this?! Does anyone know if the connect app will? It says it will on "kindle fire 2015" but I don't know if that's what this is?! Don't won't to buy one if it means we can't use it properly.....!

monsterbookofty Sun 23-Oct-16 11:19:16

My ds is 8 and all he can think of is a robot. Would this be a compromise? You can get coding robots and a chimp one that looks good. They seem to do more than a furby.

hairypaws Sun 23-Oct-16 11:36:20

Don't do it. They have a mind of their own and start talking in the middle of the night or when you try to sneak out of your child's room without waking them.

Letitgoletitgo Sun 23-Oct-16 11:40:25

I've seen that chimp one monster - but it is tres expensive! And in thought the furbies were bad!

lostlalaloopsy Sun 23-Oct-16 11:53:57

My DD got a Furby Boom last Christmas for my sister. I found it gathering dust in the cupboard last week - total waste of money! I think I'll sell it, i doubt dd will even noticed

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