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Stocking filler help for for techy,sciency 13 year old boys please

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2StripedSocks Sat 15-Oct-16 11:38:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OutDamnedWind Sat 15-Oct-16 11:53:57


Small tool kit

Generally things you find in Maplin? grin

dementedma Sat 15-Oct-16 12:55:09

Try Maplin, Firebox, Dr Grab...things like pen drives, funky torches and LED lights,

Mirandawest Sat 15-Oct-16 12:56:01

Am posting here to get some inspiration smile

2StripedSocks Sat 15-Oct-16 13:09:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dementedma Sat 15-Oct-16 13:10:45

Got some bits and pieces from Tiger, if you have one of those near you

bimbobaggins Sat 15-Oct-16 13:12:35

Not tech stuff but how about some shower gel, etc

dementedma Sat 15-Oct-16 13:15:40

Ds is 14 and I bulk his out with the latest tech/sports magazine, smellies, cool boxers, water bottle, sweets etc.

VoldemortsNipple Sat 15-Oct-16 13:57:59

USB sticks
Favourite tv series merchandise i.e. Walking dead t-shirt
iTunes voucher
Novelty mug
Mouse mat
Some type of USB novelty gift i.e. Lamp/fan
New phone cover
Those gloves you can use your touch screen with

VanellopeVonSchweetz99 Sat 15-Oct-16 14:00:30

These mini microscopes are fab, we looked at nits the other day! (shivers)

ThanksForAllTheFish Sat 15-Oct-16 17:47:32

A Lego technics kit like this

plasma ball

Rubix cube or sudoko rubix cube

Construction straws

Mensa pocket puzzles

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