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Table presents - grateful for any suggestions!

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recklessgran Thu 13-Oct-16 18:59:52

There will be twelve of us for Christmas dinner this year, all adults. I always do table presents with a theme but have really run out of ideas and would love your suggestions. In previous years I have done table games, sweet cones, hotel chocolat chocs, naice socks,novelty storage tins, alcohol miniatures - you get the drift! Budget is about £5 each. I know you ladies are full of bright ideas-so thanks in advance for your suggestions! [BTW we are eight ladies and four men if that makes a difference.]

NotCitrus Thu 13-Oct-16 19:11:38

Wind up toys? Include some that can race each other.
Puzzles like tangrams?
Stationery - get people to draw a picture or something?

PragmaticWench Thu 13-Oct-16 19:15:40

A book or two each (depending on where you shop, or buy second hand).

PragmaticWench Thu 13-Oct-16 19:16:40

A magazine each, rolled up as a cracker?

ferriswheel Thu 13-Oct-16 19:17:12

A wind up fish in a bag of water.

IsItGinTimeYet Thu 13-Oct-16 19:19:09

After dinner drink miniture and a nice glass tailored to each person.
Herb pots wrapped in festive ribbon.
The ladybird books for adults.
Colouring books like coronation st, poldark etc...

wonderingsoul Thu 13-Oct-16 20:18:55

Scratch card and mini drink in a cracker with a chocolate coin.

IminaPickle Thu 13-Oct-16 20:20:59

Outsource it! Get everyone to bring a wrapped bad Santa. The highlight of Christmas chez Imina- we've had the same book 4 years running and countless useful to some hilarious to others gifts circulating.

recklessgran Thu 13-Oct-16 20:50:56

Wow! Thank you - some brilliant ideas here. I am going to put them all in my Christmas planner ready for future years as well. Thank you so much everyone.

KC225 Fri 14-Oct-16 00:55:01

Love the idea of table gifts. What good fun

HappyGirl86 Fri 14-Oct-16 00:58:02

At my friend's wedding everyone had their own unique glass for the toast. Her and her fiancé had gone around different antique and charity shops and bought a selection of different vintage glasses. Everyone got to keep their glass as a gift and they put a little bag of sweet inside it. That would be nice on Christmas Day as you could use it for a toast and they also get the glass to keep.

MrsK Fri 14-Oct-16 07:04:49

One year my theme was names, so everyone got a personalised gift. For example Joe & Sephs popcorn, chocolate from Bettes Tea rooms, for DH with a very unusual name I got Dads Old Fashioned Soda (he is a Dad btw). For the one name were I was completely stumped I used an online company & got a bar of chocolate with a personalised wrapper

flapjackfairy Fri 14-Oct-16 07:48:49

Last year m&s had little crystal decorations that lit up and changed colour. They were only small and not expensive and really effective(there were polar bears ,xmas trees snowmen etc so suitable for male and female young and old imo)

TwigTheWonderKid Fri 14-Oct-16 22:45:08

Is it just for adults? If so, perfumes? You can buy sets of miniature perfumes and aftershaves in department stores.

KC225 Sat 15-Oct-16 17:56:05

Amazon have wax seals in script letters for 2.95 and a melting wax sticks are 8.99 for 12. Would be fun to give everyone the first initial of their name

ChristmasSeacow Sat 15-Oct-16 19:35:06

Wigs! One Christmas I gave everyone at the table a wig. My sister was an amazingly convincing Vicky pollard...

They all got dragged out again at new year too 😉

Leeds2 Sat 15-Oct-16 20:04:00

Christmas tree decorations.
Novelty slippers.

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