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Babies 1st Xmas

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Partiallycloudy Tue 11-Oct-16 08:55:08

Looking for ideas on what to get out our DD for Xmas.
She will be 11months old at Xmas with her 1st birthday following 2 weeks later!
Been round toys r us and smyths but it's so hard to know what she will be into by then!
Any suggestions helpful!


user1476140278 Wed 12-Oct-16 02:17:09

When they're this small it's a good idea to get something you know she's going to need in the coming year. So at 1 she's not ready yet but will be soonish for a little pram to push...she'll use it when she's 2 or so...maybe sooner.

Just one of those umbrella strollers and a dolly to go in it might be nice.

Freezingwinter Wed 12-Oct-16 09:29:35

My Ds was 10 months nearly 11 months last christmas. He got:

A Jellycat toy
Happyland sets (very popular)
Noah's ark from B&m, it plays music and animal noises and they have them this year for about 9.99
Vtech 3 in 1 rocker. It was 40 and asda have it in their sale for 25 now
Ball pit with balls
Smart trike
Ride on that plays noises music etc
That's not my... Books

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