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Just made the Christmas arrangements and I'm happy!

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giraffesarefab Sun 09-Oct-16 20:56:28

My mum and dad split 14 years ago so since ds1 (10) Christmas has always been at our house alternating years of mum, her partner and my brother and my dad, stepmum and my 2 aunts (dad's sisters, neither married, good fun). We do all the cooking, it's usually quite stressful and I get in a huff because something isn't right!

Now, the bit I enjoy most about food at Christmas is boxing day - turkey left over from Xmas day, in a huge tray, fill tray with onion gravy and place on 2 hobs and simmer for about 2 hours. Then gravy soaked turkey into oven bottom breadcakes and spread stuffing on too.

So this year, we have decided to do something completely different (dad's turn)
There will be 12 of us going to our local brewers fayre (which feels more like a cosy pub) for their "festive fayre" on christmas eve and then everyone comes over to us for our turkey sandwiches on Christmas day!
Result is everyone has a Christmas dinner, that I haven't had to cook and stress over, then we get to still have everyone over on Christmas day and eat our delicious sandwiches.

When this was suggested by me, you would think I'd suggested pulling ears off kittens but they all came around in the end. It sounds a good plan but am I missing something?

Davros Sun 09-Oct-16 21:16:50

Good for you! I love turkey leftovers and always buy a turkey whether we're doing Xmas lunch or not. This year I'm letting it go and 10 of us are going to nearby gastro pub for Xmas lunch. Then I'm going to buy a turkey on Boxing Day or soon after, dirt cheap!

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