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Can you help I'm looking for....

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pennygoodlife Sat 08-Oct-16 10:57:43

A wooden Xmas tree c4ft tall? Has anyone come across one.?

(Please feel free to add your own elusive thing you can't track down)

iklboo Sat 08-Oct-16 11:00:43

Something like this?

Davros Sat 08-Oct-16 11:12:34

What about Timbatree?

pennygoodlife Sat 08-Oct-16 11:58:16

Ikaboo I can't open your link can you retry thx
Timbatree is a tad expensive and I was hoping for some more rustic...
(Keeps fingers crossed) thx though

iklboo Sat 08-Oct-16 14:39:29

Sorry it's not working for me either. Here's a pic. It's from Hobbycraft - I googled wooden Xmas tree & it popped up. Looks to be about 4ft

Popsicle789 Sat 08-Oct-16 15:15:22

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