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24 advent present ideas for boys 12 and 14!

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kitnkaboodle Fri 07-Oct-16 13:30:13

... because I couldn't resist a set of advent gift bags in ikea! They are a reasonable size - about 4 inches x 3 inches each! Sweets obviously, but not sure what else now confused boys not particularly cool, and happy to revert back to being kids at Christmas!

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 07-Oct-16 13:36:00

I saw a set of 24 litte Pokemon figures on Amazon that were about £15 iirc and if they are into Pokemon. Also little lego men or joke/magic tricks or puzzles.

FlouncingIntoAutumn Fri 07-Oct-16 13:36:49

Pen torch, pen knife, pen, survival stuff like a flint, mini first aid kit, touch screen gloves, screen wipes, magnifying glass

FlouncingIntoAutumn Fri 07-Oct-16 13:38:18

Socks, roll on, hair jel, comb, condoms?

teaandakitkat Fri 07-Oct-16 13:39:08

Lego figures? My almost 11 yr old still loves Lego Star Wars figures. You can often buy them on ebay for a couple of pounds.

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 07-Oct-16 13:39:53

I think putting condoms in a 12 year old son stocking might not be quite the message you'd want to convey.

FlouncingIntoAutumn Fri 07-Oct-16 13:44:06

At 12 they're waterbombs and balloons but at what age is it appropriate?

At 14 its not such a wild concept to be sexually experimental.

Allalonenow Fri 07-Oct-16 13:44:38

Key ring
Lip salve
Chocolate or sugar mouse

Allalonenow Fri 07-Oct-16 13:49:30

Mini stapler
Party bombs/blower/streamers
Individually wrapped cakes eg madeleines

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 07-Oct-16 13:53:43

Who knows flouncing? You want them to be safe but also you don't want to normalise early sexual encounters. My two are older than 14 but don't think they've dabbled yet. I think making a box available in the bathroom cabinet is a bit more subtle than giving them as a gift though. smile

CalmYaTits Fri 07-Oct-16 13:59:58


girlywhirly Fri 07-Oct-16 14:30:17


DelphiniumBlue Fri 07-Oct-16 14:36:51

Glue sticks, rubbers, a pencil sharpener, mini Sharpies, Blu- tak. Tubes of paint if they are arty.
Have a look in Tiger if there's one near you, they often do great stocking fillers.

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Fri 07-Oct-16 14:44:13

Im doing book advent calenders , can work out pricey but i have bought cheap ones from amazon and they will be treasured more than the toot you usually get in calenders

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Fri 07-Oct-16 14:47:46

Boxer shorts , gloves , thermal vest , hand cream , mini shower gel , after shaving moisturiser , hair wax , novelty socks , hot chocolate sachets

SpotTheDuck Fri 07-Oct-16 14:53:30

Could you include some home made vouchers? E.g. Voucher for a fry up breakfast on a weekend/voucher for an extra hour's screen time/voucher for a trip to the cinema....whatever they would like!

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