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What to get/make my 2.8yo niece?

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TurnThisStupidFatRatYellow Thu 06-Oct-16 14:33:02

I have a lovely little niece and for the last two Christmases I have made her something personal (with a little help from my DH) For her first year, I made a stocking, DH embroidered her name on it. Last year I made a material advent calendar, DH helped with some of the sewing. You can put little sweets, poems, stickers etc in each pocket. So hopefully these are things that will be used for ever.
We don't know what to do for her this year. We feel a bit disinclined to give toys as she already has lots and it seems a bit pointless giving her more of the same. I look at gifts and she already has everything or multiples already.

Any suggestions?

HeyMicky Thu 06-Oct-16 14:34:14

What about some dressing up elements? Not whole outfits, but things like capes, glasses, hats, masks etc?

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