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Best dolls cradle and pram

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Mummynextdoor Wed 05-Oct-16 20:53:52

Looking to buy my 2 year old a doll's cradle (ideallly wooden) and/or a pram. They don't have to match at all just want some recommendations for good quality. Need to be online to have delivered. Thank you

Fresh01 Wed 05-Oct-16 22:08:32

We have a Pintoy dolls rocking cradle. It was bought when DD1 was 2 and is still going strong 8 years and 3 more kids later. It has had and still gets lots of use. It is still in great condition and has been sat in by kids and stood in over the years. It doesn't come with bedding but our lot have just used blankets.

For prams we got DC4 a simple £10 folding buggy for her 2nd birthday. It has had great use and still going strong a few years later.

The other pram the older girls had that took a lot of use was from Smyth's and was called a Molly pram. It is a great height and size for a 2 year old.

daisydalrymple Wed 05-Oct-16 22:18:01

I think ours is also a pintoy, or of that ilk, but it's a bunk bed. Would highly recommend if your dd is very into dolls and you think this will continue, as it's extra storage for the same space grin

Dd had a folding buggy from elc, which had lots of use, (ds1 also had one before she was born and they played loads together with their babas!) then a silver cross dolls pram off mum when she was 5. Although a lovely pram she hasn't played with it loads, think if she'd had it younger it would have had more use as her friend's little sisters both age 3, who come to the house always love it.

daisydalrymple Wed 05-Oct-16 22:24:03

Just checked Amazon (can't link on phone sorry!) and pintoy wooden dolls bunk bed brings ours up, £65 (sure I didn't pay that for it!) and a pintoy wooden rocking cradle is also shown, possibly the one mentioned by fresh above.

Yeeyeelovesraaraa Wed 05-Oct-16 22:35:22

We got the posy pram one from gltc for dd last year at age 1. They also do a cradle & highchair to match.

Its beautiful, was a big hit & she still likes to play with it now but in all honesty she favours a £7 folding stroller we got from tesco's (as she can take it outside) blushgrin

attheendoftheday Thu 06-Oct-16 09:43:40

We have the silvercross toy pram, it is an excellent toy. It folds flat and the height of the handlebar is changeable, and it has a rack underneath to hold things.

We went for the the end as we have lost several buggies to dd2 sitting in them and breaking them.

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