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Christmas Eve hamper for teenager ideas please

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verytiredmummy1 Sun 02-Oct-16 20:15:30

Christmas Eve hampers are easy for our younger children and have usually been for oldest but now oldest is 16 I'm thinking the usual contents might be a bit young for her.
If you do a Xmas eve hamper for your teenage DD what do you include?

wowwee123 Sun 02-Oct-16 20:24:32

a nice hot choc. nice jamas. an 'older' christmas dvs. christmas with the cranks, four christases something like that? christmas socks and her fave chocolates / sweets. maybe a small bottle of prosecco if you allow that?

wowwee123 Sun 02-Oct-16 20:25:28

christmas knickers and a nice christmas necklace i would appreciate too. primark, topshop etc will probably do nice ones.

wowwee123 Sun 02-Oct-16 20:26:43

these are lovely and usually come beautifully wrapped

atomicpanda Sun 02-Oct-16 20:27:25

I buy my teens a christmassy bathbomb from lush on xmas eve. Might get them a bottle of cider too this year!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 02-Oct-16 21:19:04

I'm doing the Hampers on the 1st Dec this year, they can use the things all Dec or keep them for later (I have a DS -will be 17 and a DD- will be 14.6)

DD will have:
PJs (Primark usually or Sainsburys)
Fluffy socks (instead of slippers)
Jar of sweets (Kilner Jar)
Big bar or galaxy or similar
One of those Zen colouring books and nice pens (like Staedler)
Knickers (M&S do nice festive ones)
New dressing gown
Bath bomb or bath bubbles
Face mask
Mug with hot chocolare sachet

Most of these are things she'd need anyway.

BiddyPop Mon 03-Oct-16 10:39:40

I've just copied and pasted my list that I had given last month on a similar thread for teenagers - lots of ideas that hopefully will give you a couple:

I think, even if the majority of items are in the more grown-up sphere, there should still be a few bits that are "my babies" in there - chocolate coins, fruit, that sort of thing.

We still get a book in our stockings when we stay in my DPs house on Christmas Eve, a large pack of sweets and half a fruitbasket (growing up, there were loads of apples but rarely other fruit and every Christmas, we got an orange, mandarin, red apple, green apple, banana and a kiwi EACH in our stockings - so everyone had lots of lovely fruit and a choice of when to eat it as you weren't making sure you grabbed a piece before the others grabbed them all! Big Irish family).

I have a list, culled from an American forum discussion a few years ago, of ideas. It's a group where lots of adults also get stockings, so there are some interesting ideas there - some are quite American (!) but there may be a few things there to inspire you:

Chocolate covered coffee beans
Chocolate dipped spoons
Coffee gift card
Candy store candy (put in plastic ornament balls or cellophane bags)
Lottery tickets
Coffee mug
Christmas ornament
Christmas cd
Cozy socks
Book mark
Small game /travel game
Deck of cards
Small lego sets
Gel pens
Art supplies
Word search/fun pads
Poker chips
Video game
Memory card
Music gift card
USB key
Inexpensive kitchen gadgets /tools
Oven mitt (cloth or silicone)
Wooden spoons
Recipe cards
Small cookbook
Holiday shaped/scented soap
Nail/pedicure accessories….nail gems, stickers, buffers etc.
Nail polish
Pumice stone
Eye pads
Facial masks
Foot scrubs
Bath bombs
Bath scrubbers
Soap dish
Bath pillow
Shaving cream/razors
Nice soap/scented body wash
Bottle of cologne/perfume
Shower radio
Car air freshener
Tire gauge
Car cleaning tool/brush
Cleaners/wipes for car
Pocket calendar
Address book
Key chain
Small decorative boxes
Picture frame
Small photo album
Jewlery charms
Jewlery making supplies/string
Small notebooks /notepads/sticky notes
Skateboard stickers
Skateboard/Surfboard wax/gum eraser/grip tape
Can of soda, Monster energy drinks, Gatorade etc.)
Accessories for ipod….skins, earphones, car charger etc.
Sports water bottle
$5 gift card to coffee shop, Target, drugstores, etc. (OK £5!)
Unusual pen or pencil
Scrapbooking glue or supplies
Chocolate coins – they’re still your babies!
Cake decorating tips
Cookie/cake decorating sprinkles
Cookie cutters
Candy molds
Cake stencils
Christmas themed silicone muffin/cupcake pan
Lip gloss
Make up brushes
Cuff links
Puzzle book
Baseball hat or knit hat
Axe Shower gel
Trail mix
Beef Jerky
Protein bars
Can of Pringles – the mini sized ones are cool!
Snack foods
Tiny Bottle of champagne, Christmas beer etc
Gift certificate for flower shop
Magazine of hobby or interest
Guitar strap
Guitar picks
Sheet music
Belt buckle
Tennis balls
Golf items…balls,tees,etc.
Wine accessories/bottle stopper
Soda fizz keeper
Seeds for garden
Garden accessory….garden markers etc.
Flower cutters
Gourmet sauces or spices etc.
Jams and jellies or flavored honey
Bag clips
Silly hat
Party poppers
Gag gift
Giant candy bar
Movie gift certificates
Tickets to sporting event, or other event
Cereal box freebie
Sample items or other freebies
Tools or hardware (picture hangers etc.)
Paint buddy
Home improvement tool
Mini mustard jar
Bottle of beer
Bottle opener
Cheese knife set
Coffee syrups or flavored sugars
Small bag of coffee
Mini liqueur bottle
Candy shot glasses
Cocktail item or tool
Small purse
Laser tag or bowling or cinema voucher
Winter themed boxer shorts
Windshield ice scraper
Hair accessory
Fishing items
Camping items
Marshmallow skewers
Smores kit (in a bag)
Travel coffee mug
Reusable Water bottle
Reusable shopping bag
Christmas scented air freshener
Christmas lights
Snow globe
Make their favorite Christmas cookie or candy
Something to add to persons collection
Christmas pillow case
Mouse pad
Glasses case
Eye glasses cleaning cloth (micro fiber)
Kitchen towels
Napkin rings
Small book of organizing tips
Tool (screwdriver, picture hangers etc.)
Pocket knife
Pop corn seasonings/plain microwave popcorn bags
Silicone basting brushes
Kabob skewers
Accessory to decorate room
Wood letters that spell something or initials
Specialty ice cube trays
Bottled ice coffee
Gingerbread loaf or other Christmas bread
Framed photo
Handwritten letter
Homemade coupons
Any homemade item
Sample Men's After Shave
Flavored Lip Balm
Nail Clipper
Nail Files
Wrapped Tea Bags, Such as Peppermint Tea

mouldycheesefan Mon 03-Oct-16 11:00:35

Surely these things are presents to be had on Xmas day?
A whole bunch of presents the day before SPOILS THE MAGIC.

verytiredmummy1 Mon 03-Oct-16 11:30:06

Thank you for the ideas smile going to steal some smile
mouldy we use some of our Christmas present budget for DC to do their Christmas Eve hamper. The oldest still wants it every year. DC look forward to it and it starts the excitement. We usually do hot choc, PJs, book but wanted some different ideas this year

biddy I'm definitely taking some of hose ideas. Thank you for the effort smile

verytiredmummy1 Mon 03-Oct-16 11:30:30

Excuse the typos..

BiddyPop Mon 03-Oct-16 12:22:37

Mouldy, my list is intended to give some ideas of small things for stockings/hampers for older people, not just small DCs. And certainly not a "buy everything on this" type of list.

In our house, the Christmas Eve hamper is about things that help wind down the day and get DD (10, ADHD) to bed and sleep, but others do it differently. So we have new PJs for everyone (we all need a new pair at least once in winter so its a nice way to get them - only DD's are "Christmas" patterned, and not even hers this year), lush festive bath bombs for DD and I, nice hot chocolate, and some old family favourites like DD's stocking, her snowman hot water bottle, and our family copy of Twas the Night before Christmas for bedtime reading.

In some families, there are more crafty kits etc as they get theirs earlier and keep the DCs occupied earlier in the day. Or a festive DVD for the family to watch together.

That doesn't necessarily spoil the magic.

And in our house, DD knows that the hamper comes from us (in other houses, it is more "elves have left this surprise"). In itself, this is part of the magic of Christmas for her, wondering what PJs she will get this year, and she even bought PJs for DH a couple of years ago (using money from her first holy communion) when she saw a pair she thought he'd love!

Heirhelp Mon 03-Oct-16 18:22:43
This necklace is a bargain.

moomoogalicious Mon 03-Oct-16 21:20:34

Love that list biddy. I am struggling with what to get an ungirly dd as stocking fillers. S'mores kit is a great idea smile

dementedma Mon 03-Oct-16 21:41:31

I feel constantly amazed on MN at how much the kids get before Christmas. A dressing gown in a hamper on Dec 1st? A dressing gown would be a Christmas present here. We don't do hampers on Dec 1st or Dec 24th. They get their presents on Christmas Day. Each to their own I suppose but it seems so excessive

ShowOfHands Mon 03-Oct-16 21:58:49

I knew there would be cries of "excessive" and "spoiling the magic". It happens every year.

Each to their own and though I shouldn't have to justify it, in our house presents are a tiny part of Yule. The dc get a small stocking costing no more than a tenner, a modest gift from us (no more than £20) and a small gift from FC (£10 max). Does a Christmas Eve hamper with a pair of PJs and a charity shop book, some decanted hot chocolate and a few oats to scatter, tip my festivities into excessive? Does a little, cheap tradition aimed at chasing the dc into bed cheapen my Christmas? Does our joy on the 24th mar the pleasure of the 25th? No. It's my choice and it isn't ruining anything. In fact, if I rode into the DC's bedroom on the 24th on a diamond encrusted unicorn with the contents of Hamleys in a gold sleigh, it's still my Christmas and my choice.

A hamper is a hamper. No more and no less. I don't like the accusatory, projected judgments every ruddy year.

mouldycheesefan Tue 04-Oct-16 09:18:30

My dcs get new pjs, we have hot cho in the house anyway. We get the Xmas books and CDs out on 1st December. We don't require a hamper to make Xmas eve easier to get the kids to bed " mum, you got out a wicker box, I most certainly will go to bed now I have seen that" . ?? I seriously don't get the hamper love

As pp said, a dressing gown is a Xmas present here ! We don't do gifts before Xmas day I consider it does dilute it. And we are comfortably off and do lots of lovely things, visits and trips over Xmas but a wicker box doesn't come into it.

BiddyPop Tue 04-Oct-16 09:59:50

Mouldy, sometimes it is not about getting out what you have anyway. The DCs are already excited by the day and overexcited by the forthcoming day - and need an opportunity to wind down for sleep.

In my case, not only do we have that general need to unwind, but DD has ADHD and aspergers, so highly excitable and a huge need for routine to be maintained. As in, it took me 3 years to slowly pull back from reading her to sleep nightly and only then because she accepted audiobooks instead a few nights a week.

So, yes, we have PJs anyway, we have hot choc anyway, we push for baths anyway (and often they are lush bomb ones filled with lavender to get her sleepy!). But the whole ritual of getting out a small (slightly larger than a shoebox) cardboard box with new PJs, a special hot chocolate and the bath bomb, as well as the old favourites (TTNBF book, her stocking, the Christmas plate and cup from the cupboard) kept until 24th so they are still "fresh", doesn't mean it is a waste or an extravagance.

But it does "signal" to DD that the playtime is over. We are doing our quiet ritual of thinking about the year and loved ones not here anymore. And then we are gently moving towards bed.

We don't have massive PILES of gifts either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Well, there are but that's because we have large families - DD gets a main present and her stocking (which is 12" long - not sackloads) from FC, there has always been a present from us under the tree (something eminently sensible like clothes that are needed usually) and we give her something fun for her birthday too (26th).

She's had a dressing gown as a Christmas present on more than 1 Christmas! Most of the books and DVDs, gathered over many years, come out earlier but Twas the Night Before Christmas is one that, again - routine, we have always read for the first time in the season on Christmas Eve.

It has never spoiled the magic in our house, it is part of the quiet magical time when we have our reflection as a family, and then DD sets out her stocking and treat for FC much calmer, and enjoys a good splash in the bath on the way to bed.

We are also a household where everyone gives presents, and FC doesn't bring the lot. And even that we, as parents, give something - small but not leaving DD out of what we are giving to everyone else.

Every family has different capacity and desires to give material things and non-material things over the festive season. It is absolultely not worth getting into debt for, nor putting others under pressure with the "Oooh look how high the pile for my darling precious Snowflake is and how much I love her based on how many things she has to open". That is absolutely NOT my message. But if a family can afford it and want to, and hopefully it is part of an overall giving to the family and wider, then why do you have a problem with it?

Some people want to make a big splash, others want more restrained, while there is every shade of variation in between.

Can we not let everyone decide themselves where they want to be on that spectrum without slating them for it?

Afterall, it is the season of goodwill to all and peace to all men. And this is the Christmas board where the spirit of the Christmas season lives all year round.

(OKay, that last bit is slightly fgrin, but I do mean the underlying sentiment).

AdoraBell Fri 04-Nov-16 13:14:50

Place marking as currently zero ideas of my own.

ConstantlyCooking Fri 04-Nov-16 13:32:52

I started Christmas Eve hampers last year and DD (then 16) absolutely loved it. There was nothing amazing - nice hot chocolate, marshmallows in a jar with Christmas ribbon, new Christmas fleecy socks, a new fleece blanket, some nibbles - just things to have a cosy evening. We would have had most of those things anyway and this just made it fun.
It is also about marking that this is the start of family time.
We always read a TTNBC before bed - we have a horrible cheap version we bought when DS was little and despite buying a lovely illustrated edition since, the DC insist on the original book (note to all those planning this tradition - buy a nice edition from the first year).

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 04-Nov-16 14:07:52

My DD is already ear marking things for her hamper (on the 1st this year)

I might not do an Advent Tree this year (or maybe I will, she'll insist fgrin )

I have some Christmassy socks (teddy bear pattern , Topshop)
A pair of shorts from Pink Victoria Secret (wintery not Christmas) need to get a top
And I'll hunt down a nice mug

Seems a better plan to give it on Dec 1st now they're older TBH.

Revealall Fri 04-Nov-16 19:20:16

Actually I understand why teens might like a " night before hamper" as they are at the awkward gap between the kids belief in Christmas magic disappearing and the joy of giving, sharing and overdulging of the adult Christmas. Making Christmas Eve special again is a great idea.
Other than that it seems a bonkers idea to suggest more excitement in the form of a hamper will calm children down. Isn't the whole point that it's the most exciting day of the year?
Biddy - The problem with it is that if it becomes a thing than those that can't afford it become obliged to do it as well. Like everything else ( looking at the stupid amount people feel obliged to spend on mobile phones for example).

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