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Handmade Christmas presents

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woowoowoo Sat 01-Oct-16 16:54:03

Following on from another thread discussing the fact everyone has too much 'stuff' these days, I am having a think about making my own Xmas presents. I am quite arty crafty.

Please can people share their homemade Xmas present ideas on this thread? Particularly things you have made yourself that were well received / well used by the recipient.

Thank you

Blueisthemagicnumber Sat 01-Oct-16 17:07:08

I made homemade fudge and truffles one year, they went down well.

I've also made those baking jars that have all the dry ingredients included, with a recipe attached. I used white chocolate chips and dried cranberries to give a Christmassy feel.

buckingfrolicks Sat 01-Oct-16 17:09:42

I'm knitting cat Christmas hats. As in a hat for a cat, one for each cat to be given to DCs in stockings. Will be on cats for less than 10 seconds I'm guessing, but oh, what wonderful seconds they will be grin

DoItTooJulia Sat 01-Oct-16 17:32:51

I haven't done it but I'm going to make a couple of those hot chocokate snowmen on the BBC good food site.

I made spiced Arancello instead of limoncello one year. It was ok, but nothing special!

LunaLoveg00d Sat 01-Oct-16 17:33:54

Make your own Turkish Delight vodka:


There are literally thousands of patterns for scarves, gloves, mittens, shawls and hats on Ravelry and if you're a knitter many patterns for smaller items can be made using spare balls.

I am also a real foodie and would LOVE someone to make me things like lemon curd, biscotti, oatcakes, fudge, jam, chutneys and marshmallows.

anyoldname76 Sat 01-Oct-16 21:13:18

im making some Christmas presents this year, mermaid tails for my neices and a lap blanket for dh nan

jaxxyj Sat 03-Dec-16 11:45:59

Hi all I'm making homemade body lotion this year, organic with honey and olive oil and aromatherapy oils and vitamin e for preservative. I'm hoping I will go down well!
Any more ideas people? I think it is such a good thing to do some homemade, it so easy to order stuff on line!

Chocolatecake12 Sat 03-Dec-16 15:09:13

I've made Christmas chutney to give as gifts to friends. Cranberry and red onion.
Last year I did skittles vodka and a toffee vodka.
I have also done matlrshmallow trees for friends childten before which were very well received!

jaxxyj Sat 03-Dec-16 15:14:24

Just looked up the skittles and toffee vodka, they look amazing!

NurseRosie Sat 03-Dec-16 15:14:48

Every year I make some kind of homemade stocking fillers. Last year I made fudge in the slow cooker which was great and so easy. My family moaned that I hadn't given them enough. I also bake biscuits, cookies or brownies.
I also liked making tree Dec's. I just sewed together to pieces or material and stuffed them embellished with patches, buttons and sequins. Very shabby chic.

PodgeBod Sat 03-Dec-16 15:20:02

I'm decorating wine glasses with glitter and personalising them. I'm not very crafty but I hope people will like them. If they go well I'm going to try my hand at Sharpie mugs as well.

jaxxyj Sat 03-Dec-16 19:52:35

Fudge sounds lovely! My DD makes cinder toffee then covers it in chocolate ( it's a bit of a tradition bless!)

delilahbucket Sat 03-Dec-16 21:05:38

My sister did cookies one year. Several varieties in a box. Went down a right treat!
I always do gingerbread snowmen and truffles.

TroysMammy Sat 03-Dec-16 21:08:16

NurseRosie that sound lovely. Would you like to share the recipe please.

LaChatte Sun 04-Dec-16 08:13:23

I do silk painting on small pieces of silk to be framed, even the DCs do them sometimes and they usually look good, any on, I'll take a pic of one 6yo DD made for Father's Day.

LaChatte Sun 04-Dec-16 08:16:31

Silk painting from DD and Hama beads by DS (made into magnets).

confusedalways Sun 04-Dec-16 14:26:24

Does anybody know how long homemade truffles will last? They're made with fresh cream. I read about freezing them but worried they won't be as nice defrosted. I've already coated them in chopped hazelnuts. I was planning on putting them in those clip shut mason jars if that makes a difference?

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