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Lego bargain thread

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Mallowmarshmallow Sat 01-Oct-16 07:22:39

I noticed a few of us were looking out for Lego deals and wondered if it might be worth keeping them all in one place (unless this has already been done and I've missed it....)

I'm looking for a box of generic bits so dh and ds (3) can make their builds a bit more elaborate.

MrsBellefleur Sat 01-Oct-16 07:24:00

I'm on the Christmas bargain thread but will also mark my place here. I want a big box of bricks to start dd off. Not sure whether to buy new or look on eBay.

scrappydappydoo Sat 01-Oct-16 07:27:43

Tesco still have the large creative box for £33 - here

VeryPunny Sat 01-Oct-16 07:31:24

Tesco (and Amazon usually price match) have a medium sized bucket of basic bricks reduced to £13 from around £20.

Freco010 Sat 01-Oct-16 07:38:52

I'm also looking for the best deal on the large Lego creative box. £33 is the best offer I've found so far.

ButtMuncher Sat 01-Oct-16 07:39:58

Marking place for DSS and nephew - and DP grin

BikeRunSki Sat 01-Oct-16 07:46:22

Sainsbury's often knock 1/3 off Lego on their toy event, which is usually around October half term (although I realise that half term varies across the country). If you want a bucket of generic bricks and find one cheap, get it when you see it!! Asda had one reduced from £50 ish to £20 ish about this time of year. I thought I'd wait til nearer Christmas. By December, it was full price everywhere.

OhtoblazeswithElvira Sat 01-Oct-16 07:48:29

Marking place.

BonesyBones Sat 01-Oct-16 09:22:46

If you're not fussed about specific lego branding there are some very reasonably prices sets here including cheap Base plates and 50 minifigs.

All compatible with lego.

TheWildOnes Sat 01-Oct-16 10:48:47

We bought the base plates BonesyBones linked to for DS last year. Work perfectly with all his Lego and megabloks and so cheap too.

HalloToJasonIsaacs Sat 01-Oct-16 10:59:08

Lego creative bricks small boxes are 2 for 20 at Argos, and the basic Duplo box 6176 is reduced from 21 to 14 quid.

Willow2016 Sat 01-Oct-16 13:05:02

Years ago kids granny got a huge box of mixed lego on ebay, was full of odd bits from sets and regular blocks. Kids had a whale of a time making things from it using just their imaginations and still use it now to make their own creations or creations from you tube vids. If you can get one near to you to collect its well worth it.

(They still get regular sets, tbh we have lego comming out our ears smile but the box is still used regularly)

BikeRunSki Sat 01-Oct-16 13:23:43

The Wilko baseplates are excellent.

Badders123 Sat 01-Oct-16 13:38:23

Hang on!
Wilko base plates are Lego compatible!!
I asked in store last week and they said no!

BikeRunSki Sat 01-Oct-16 13:49:29

Yes they are. They are perfect for Lego.*

*We got them 2 Christmases ago. They may have changed.

heymammy Sat 01-Oct-16 14:11:32

I can 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) the Wilko baseplates, they are brill!

Duckyneedsaclean Sat 01-Oct-16 16:45:25


Wilko base plates & the £33 mixed tub ordered from tesco. Really good price for 1500 pieces - the same box sells for £50 on eBay!

MooseyMoo Sat 01-Oct-16 18:55:22

My Lego tip is to check ink{\]]m} each morning as they run a bot on Amazon to find the reduced sets. I also find their reviews really helpful if you need to research a set.

Amazon reduced their Lego when Argos 3 for 2 was on. John Lewis price matches Amazon so I always check these sites when offers are running. The next toy sale will be Sainsburys and Amazon and John Lewis will price match.

Mallowmarshmallow Sat 01-Oct-16 21:15:08

Wow, I'm pleased this is popular. The £33 box does look cheap, it's nearly £50 on Amazon.

My ds is only three at the moment so generic boxes are good for us. He and dh build houses/sets that his Happyland/other people can then play in.

Hopefully this thread can continue to help those on the search for Lego.

MooseyMoo Sun 02-Oct-16 17:44:35

I've added this to the bargain thread but will add here too:

Free Lego with Daily Mail 8-9th Oct

Saturday: Lego Star Wars Poe's X-Wing Fighter
Sunday: Lego Nexo Knights The Lava Slinger

Both available from WHSmith. Tesco Express only on Sunday

AmyAmoeba Mon 03-Oct-16 14:14:48

Camel is an Amazon price tracking thread that you can use to send you alerts of price drops on specific sets. It will show you the price history so you can judge when to buy.
Brickset is a site that compares the different Amazon sites and lists the RRP too. You can pick up a good bargain that way but factor in the shipping difference.
I've found Smyths toy sales good, and they often have reductions on specific ranges and do vouchers for a reduction over a certain spend.

Flowersandthorns Sat 08-Oct-16 09:01:04

I have had a camel camel alert for minecraft lego.

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