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Which accessories for wooden castle?

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Equimum Fri 30-Sep-16 08:24:13

Some of you ladies have been incredibly helpful in suggesting things in the past, so I thought I would come back and ask about this one.

DS, who is coming 4, is having the large Melissa & Doug castle for Christmas. I was all set to buy him Playmobil characters and accessories for it, but DH has now seen the Papo things and thinks they are the way to go. I have to agree, they are lovely, but I'm not sure.

So, if you have a wooden castle, what types of characters do you have and do your children play with them lots. Any specific recommendation of accessories etc would also be very welcome.


JoanCallamezzo Fri 30-Sep-16 08:31:06

My son has had that castle for a few years now (he's 8 now) and it's brilliant and still gets played with a lot. I originally bought a few Papo and Schleich figures for it which have been added to over the years, and DS still enjoys choosing new ones with his pocket money. We have tons of Playmobil too but he plays far more with the castle and Papo figures, they seem to fire his imagination more. The only issue is that they are quite big but that doesn't seem to bother DS. I've noticed that you can buy tubes of mini versions of the Papo figures which might be a better scale but less detailed and solid to play with?

MumiTravels Fri 30-Sep-16 08:31:50

My DS loves his little melissa and doug castle. So far the only extra character it has is a dog. We also want to add characters but want wooden ones to match.

I think it's missing some children/princess/prince. A maid. A cook. Some animals in the grounds. I wanted to ger little carpet samples for the rooms and picture frames etc to stick in.

HolidaayItWouldBeSoNice Fri 30-Sep-16 17:21:37

DS (6) got that castle a few years ago and now DS2 (3) plays with it a lot too. They've always played with it with playmobil people; not just knights and horses but also the dragons and the Pirates sets. The Pirates ones seem to come with a little cannon and the DSs have spent hours shooting characters off the battlements...

CinderellaFant Fri 30-Sep-16 19:28:08

Dd loved the Papo and schleich figures at that age.

He especially loved the papo 'mutants' like the man with a fish head and the shark pirate etc.

Equimum Fri 30-Sep-16 21:03:56

Thank-you ladies. So, it looks like it might be worth trying the Papo/ Schleich figures, although it's interesting to hear that your children use their pirates Holidaay. We have recently picked up a second hand pirate ship, so maybe we could invest in some Playmobil to go with that, then DS could maybe choose and we could build from there. We are buying a dragon....apparently the Knights will be 'defenning' the King and queen from the naughty dragon!

Joan, you say that the figures are quite big; do they actually fit into the castle rooms? I don't think DS will be too bothered by scale, but I guess they need to actually fit.

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