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What do I need to buy, Disney Infinity

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justgivemeamo Thu 29-Sep-16 11:51:34

Its all new to me, I have the disnity infinity starter set - here

I have been looking at other figures to buy eg yoda, Mulan. But I was stopped in my tracks by a random review that implied I needed something called a "play set" ? What is this?

Eg can I buy tinkerbell or do I need some sort of play set? I dont understand....thanks

ps not actually brought the xbox one yet.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 29-Sep-16 15:28:27

Hi OP. You'll need that Xbox unfortunately :p. You don't need a 'playset'. The characters will load lots of different gameplay options for you. There's also sandbox mode which is a bit like lego or minecraft only you can insert your characters that you own into the game.

justgivemeamo Thu 29-Sep-16 18:40:37

Is my idea a good package for my dc for xmas.

So - they will get an xbox one ( no other play stations etc in the house EVER)

They will get - disney infitiy starter set - ( with the star wars figures and clear thing so a game....)

They will get - frozen figures - and a handful of other figures like Mulan, tinkerbell etc for the TOY BOX.

They have an xbox one - mine craft game.

Is this enough - ^^ to keep them going for at least 6 months or until birthday time, or do we need MORE game maybe? Or more figures or more play sets???

PotteringAlong Thu 29-Sep-16 18:43:28

Disney have cancelled infinity, haven't they? Anything being sold off is being sold off because it's been discontinued. I wouldn't bank on being able to buy it in 6 months time.

PotteringAlong Thu 29-Sep-16 18:46:11

justgivemeamo Thu 29-Sep-16 19:24:46

Potteringthats such a brilliant article thankyou!!

I think for us - it wont affect us much as my DC will never know the on line community features or playing with othe rDC.

ANYone who has DI think my idea for xmas is a good one or perhaps I need more play sets?

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 29-Sep-16 20:56:35

A few sets of characters is a good idea. My DD doesn't care whether tech is current or not- she's currently playing the Harry Potter wonderbook which was cancelled a looong time ago!

debbiewest0 Thu 29-Sep-16 23:18:29

I think I would get another play set. The frozen figures and Milan etc only play in the toy box - they don't come with their own game. In Argos the other day they had the inside out play set and others for £15 and then you get to play an adventure game with those characters not just in the toy box. Also a disc like toy box takeover does make characters interact in the toy box for under ten pounds. The Star Wars sets are quite cheap at moment too...

justgivemeamo Fri 30-Sep-16 10:22:51

I think we get the star wars - play set with our sarter set....

there is no clear information as to what play sets are out there!!

debbiewest0 Fri 30-Sep-16 19:59:15

Yes that's right you get one in your set. But there are others so then you can play different games/adventures. See what yours is called that comes with it and then see on Amazon there are different ones. We have two Star Wars games, inside out and the new captain America one. Then extra figures will give you extra lives in these games.

justgivemeamo Fri 30-Sep-16 20:31:34

Thanks Debbie.

I think the penny has dropped now grin at long last

Today in smyths I got several figures for toy box, 3 4 2 offer.

I also got Inside out play set, as it had good reviews. I am also going to get toy story play set and the expansion thing at some point.

Phew!!! for my younger dd I may also get dory one.

debbiewest0 Sat 01-Oct-16 02:49:55

Cool! Just take care- the play sets have to be for the version 3.0 or the game won't work. So the toy story one will not give you a new game....
Figures from version 1 and 2 will only work in version 3 in the toy box. Play sets have to be from version 3 to open up the new game.

Any Characters from inside out will now work in the play set you bought and the toy box. Star Wars figures will do both as well as you have a play set for Star Wars. If you got a frozen figure though it would just work in the toy box as would any version 1&2 characters.
But the toy story play set will only give you characters -the game piece won't work.
Game pieces have to be version 3 to work on your version 3 software...

The finding dory is a version 3 I believe so that would be fine and you can add nemo to that separately.
We have a captain America play set set aside for Christmas and some version 3 marvel characters.
Expansion packs must be version 3 as well and then your version 3 characters can play the game together in the toy box.

It's only partially confusing!

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