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canyou Mon 26-Sep-16 10:04:04

I need a home made non christmassy advent gift basket for my Mum. I am stuck.
Christmas is a mixed feeling affair in my family as we lost 2 family members at christmas in recent years. So to give my Mum something nice each day I give a basket of cheapo gifts to be opened as an advent calender.
Rules no sweets or chocolate or food really except a tin of corn beefconfusedand under €7. And no pictures/photo frames.
So far I have a funny sink plug, 3 books, I will do a baking kit to do with DGC and a fancy candle.
Any ideas would be great.

BiddyPop Mon 26-Sep-16 10:12:39

Does she enjoy the bath? So a nice Lush bath bomb (seasonal or just a lovely relaxing one)? (She could even combine it with the candle for ultimate luxury!).

Molton Brown do lovely sets of small shower gels - so you could put in a few for different days. They'd be lovely for any stays away from home, or just using at home as a treat.

L'Occitane have a good offer at the moment (not sure of the UK£ qualifying amounts) but there is a lovely gift of travel sized treats with a certain spend.

A nice warm hat/scarf/gloves - or even all 3 for different days? Cosy winter socks - either for in boots for cold weather or cosy fluffy ones for indoors? A cosy hot water bottle with a winter motif on the cover rather than Christmas one?

The small, rechargeable hand warmers? They are soo handy.

Is she into any crafts? Something to go with those?
Or a nice writing pad and envelopes, or set of lovely notelet cards (Thank You cards or just plain ones with no writing). Stamps to go with those could be another day, and a lovely pen for a 3rd.

canyou Mon 26-Sep-16 10:27:47

Thank you I am heading to amazon now ☺
No bath but did forget about shower gels.
Gloves would be good as she generally only has one of each pair -- she taked on off as she walks in the garden path to fix a plant and forgets to pick it up--
Hobbies, not really she has had depression since Nan snd Dad died so some crafts might be good to leave her try new things.
Thank you for helping me focous

anyoldname76 Mon 26-Sep-16 18:32:52

lip gloss, mini puzzle books, calendar, umbrella, shopping tote bag, crochet kit, cross stitch kit, new mug, hand warmers, fluffy socks, scratch card, photo frame

Leeds2 Mon 26-Sep-16 19:14:05

Sudoko/crossword/wordsearch book.

Packet of flower seeds.


New brush/comb.


Latest copy of preferred magazine.

Mug with hot chocolate sachet and marshmallows.

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