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PiL gift dilemma!

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thenoisytimetravelstudent Sat 24-Sep-16 21:28:30

Hey MN so I need some help with Christmas ideas for my PiL. Long story short sending them away overnight will be too stressful so that's out & they don't need anymore things or stuff!

I thought of
Bringing them with us to see santa with kiddos
Wood turning class for FiL
Shopping vouchers for MiL
National trust membership

I know ideally, they would enjoy most of all spending time with us & kids but am struggling to think of something new!

FoddyWaddle Sat 24-Sep-16 21:45:47

What about a family photo shoot? you can get some good deals.

Maybe a nice day trip to a zoo so youncan spend time together?

ScaredAboutTheFuture Sat 24-Sep-16 21:47:31

Tickets for a show

NotAMammy Sat 24-Sep-16 21:51:16

National Trust membership is great and they can take 2 kids along with them as part of it so you could help dress it up that way. We have it and use it all the time, but we're secretly old fogies!

I'm planning on making a crate for each of our families, painting it with the family name (e.g. a Smith one and a Jones - not our real names!) and filling it with a kind of Christmas hamper of stuff that will be used up over Christmas. Hopefully not too much like 'stuff' and a bit personalised.

Someone mentioned Bloom and Wild in another thread, would your MIL like a few months of flowers? Although they aren't cheap so depends on your budget.

CarrotVan Sun 25-Sep-16 11:40:19

A nice hamper and take the kids to a pottery painting place to paint them each a mug to put in the hamper

OSETmum Sun 25-Sep-16 17:41:25

I'd go with National Trust membership from your list.

BeaLola Mon 26-Sep-16 01:18:26

Tickets for them and your DC to pantomime ?

Magazine subscriptions.

How old are your DC ?

thenoisytimetravelstudent Mon 26-Sep-16 14:25:28

DD1 will be three this year & DD2 is 6 months. Thanks for the advice smile panto is part of my parents gift as it used to be tradition when I was a kid but I was thinking of a santa experience for PiL. I like the hamper ideas too!

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