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Ali express/Japanese school dress

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OutOfTime Fri 23-Sep-16 11:37:49

My dd11 has asked for one thing for Xmas- a Japanese school dress ! I would say it's more of a sailor dress, and it's like the one Sophie wears in the bfg to meet the queen for breakfast!
I've searched high and low and have found one on Ali express. Does anyone know how they are for sizing and how the custom charges work?
Any other Japanese type presents would be great too!

OutOfTime Fri 23-Sep-16 11:38:23

TimetohittheroadJack Fri 23-Sep-16 11:42:27

I buy from Ali express all the time. Things do take ages to come (usually about a month) and everything is small! So size up at least one size. (including shoes). I've found the quality to be ok, probably primark type quality , but OK for the price. I've never had any customs problems.

ShowMeTheElf Fri 23-Sep-16 11:44:19

I can't open that link it keeps bringing up pop-ups.
Have a look on ebay as well, there might be some already in the uk.

OutOfTime Fri 23-Sep-16 11:45:33

Sorry about the link! I will take a look on eBay. The dress has the measurements on ,are these usually accurate?

OutOfTime Fri 23-Sep-16 11:49:42

The 2 on eBay from uk sellers are going to be too short ,I think the sellers are not marketing them for pre teens by the look of the model !

whamfan1986 Fri 23-Sep-16 11:59:55

There is a few on Amazon Not sure if these are the right style...

whamfan1986 Fri 23-Sep-16 12:00:49


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