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Q re Xbox please If I buy this.....

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Humidseptember Mon 19-Sep-16 15:04:42

Xbox one disney infinity starter pack, how do I then get Elsa and other disney characters for it? X box is totally new to me so my understanding is literally zero of all this smile

iklboo Mon 19-Sep-16 15:07:59

They sell the other packs & sets separately. Most supermarkets sell them, Amazon, Game, Grainger Games etc if you have any near you.

Humidseptember Mon 19-Sep-16 15:08:52

I have just see this - is this what I would also need to buy?

iklboo Mon 19-Sep-16 15:11:06

Yes, probably. You can get other characters too.

coolpatterngirl Thu 22-Sep-16 11:47:52

Can someone tell me if a 500mb Xbox has sufficient memory or if the 1tb is better (first time Xbox for Minecraft)

Humidseptember Thu 22-Sep-16 14:12:48

cool I cant ansa your Q I am an x box virgin however - can you tell me why it needs memory????

iklboo Thu 22-Sep-16 17:06:46

It uses memory to save game progress on s hard drive.

FoddyWaddle Fri 23-Sep-16 09:43:43

my DC have a 500gb xbox and my DH has a 1tb. the 500gb is more than enough. My DH has the 500gb up until recently and only upgraded as he found a good deal. we also have disney infinty and it is awesme. we bought a starter pack and now we just buy the characters.

Humidseptember Fri 23-Sep-16 11:58:17

Foddy, OK, so I need Disney infinity starter pack? I read recently they are stopping D Infinity??

we are going for xbox one.

can 4 years old use D I as well as older???

YogaDrone Fri 23-Sep-16 12:07:04

Hi Humidseptember - yes you'll need the DI3 starter pack you linked to first. You can then buy additional characters and playset packs. The starter pack comes with the Star Wars playset pack but you can buy other sets such as the new Finding Dory set: . Finding Dory DI3

The Frozen characters don't have a playset pack but are used in the "Toy Box". The characters aren't platform specific (so buying an Elsa figure would work on a PS3, or an X Box)

Have a look at the DI3 videos on You Tube - they will talk you through how the product works e.g. You Tube

DI3 is the last version of Infinity being released. Such a shame as my son loves Disney Infinity.

Humidseptember Fri 23-Sep-16 13:26:37

do I need to rush to buy the disney infitinity then? thanks so much for the help....its all chinese to me.

Humidseptember Fri 23-Sep-16 13:27:28

Also how long do these things keep them occupied ie,

if we buy x box one I have already got the mine craft game, will that - disnity infinity starter set with perhaps enough to last 6 months ???

YogaDrone Fri 23-Sep-16 16:28:59

hmmm.... not sure how long they are going to continue selling the starter pack for but Dory has only recently come out so I don't think you'll need to rush smile

The playsets will last for ages - even once they've been played through there is plenty of additional content to be unlocked by playing over and over again with different characters.

The great thing about DI is the "Toy Box" here the child can create their own environments and build them up. My son spends hours doing this. the toy box is a bit like minecraft I guess - you can create castles, or towns or maps and create problems for your characters to solve.

My son was 4 when he got DI1 and he's 8 now and still really enjoys playing. He has the Dory playset on his Christmas wishlist smile

Humidseptember Fri 23-Sep-16 18:32:42

Yoga Thank you flowers I love the sound of the Toy box....and assume this is in the disney infinity starter pack!

I might go for it now then whilst offer still on smile

Humidseptember Fri 23-Sep-16 18:33:42

Just seen in blurb it does have toy box....great!!

YogaDrone Sat 24-Sep-16 19:36:17

I hope your children enjoy it as much as mine smile

WeAllHaveWings Sat 24-Sep-16 19:42:08

ds(12) has the 1TB xbox one and it has around 400GB left.

Instead of buying games on disc they can buy from the online store and download to the xbox one, depends on how many games they buy (and actively play) how much space they need. If you buy the discs I guess it will take less space.........I think

Humidseptember Mon 26-Sep-16 13:25:28

so i am getting xbox one, _+ minecraft game, disny infinity and some frozen figures for it.

will this be enough to keep them amused for a few months?

iklboo Mon 26-Sep-16 17:55:20

DS still plays Minecraft more than a year after we got it. He's playing it now, in fact!

lionsleepstonight Mon 26-Sep-16 21:19:39

Is 6 too young for an x box? He loves minecraft on the ipad....

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