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Gifts for adult dcs

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dementedma Sun 18-Sep-16 16:45:29

Most of the threads have great gift ideas for little ones. Mine are DDS aged 25 and 23, and Ds aged 14. Money is tight. The problem with that age is that gifts are expensive but small in size. A bottle of perfume is £50 but makes a small size gift, like wise an X box game. Jewellery is well received by the girls and can get pretty cheap pieces, but again a very small size gift. The "pile" under the tree looks measly. Any ideas? I also have dd1s birthday just before Christmas. I haven't bought anything yet!

Catinthecorner Sun 18-Sep-16 17:32:03

I think the massive pile of gifts thing is for the kids really. Most adults prefer a few select gifts they can really appreciate, not a bunch of clutter.

Having said that, small cheap things that can add to the unwrapping - notebook, adult colouring book, socks,undies, smellies.

TealGiraffe Sun 18-Sep-16 17:37:53

Im 30 and i tend to get 2 or 3 'main' gifts, eg last year i got ugg slippers, perfume and a coat. Then i get a pile of bits to open. Every year its the same stuff its now tradition grin (in a plastic santa sack like when i was a kid). Things like new pjs, socks, posh hot chocolate, a new diary, nail files, a new lipstick, etc.
Last year i got a really nice fur throw for my sofa, it was only primark but it was gorgeous!

Awoof Sun 18-Sep-16 17:58:46

I'm 28 and I like daft things like big tubs of marahmallows (only about 3 quid in b and m/home bargains)
Initial cushions are 6 quid ish in next
Dressing gown
New towels
Cute mixing bowls/cookie cutters
All cheap and would make a nice pile ;)

recklessgran Sun 18-Sep-16 18:17:50

I have the same problem but 5 adult DDs. They each get a stocking which I really enjoy doing as I tailor them to their individual personalities. They love the fact that I go to so much trouble to choose things especially for them rather than buying five of everything if you see what I mean.
Last year they each had a themed hamper and this was a big box each under the tree. For example, one loves Italy and Italian food so her hamper had a recipe book, a bottle of Prosecco and various items from Carluccios on line [pasta, sauces etc] so that she could make some of the recipes from the book. Another is a really keen traveller so her hamper had Lonely Planet books, hiking socks, a fold up chair etc.
Funnily enough these hampers were a really big hit and I have been asked to please do it again this year. Just need to think of a new theme for each of them!
I think with adult children they are more interested in the thought that you put into it rather than the size or value of the gift. Please try not to worry about it too much and just enjoy choosing a few special things for each of them.

SlinkyVagabond Sun 18-Sep-16 18:38:37

I've got 3 grown up DC. They are all skint, so stuff they would like but can't afford to get. I keep an eye out on uniqlo as their plaid shirts and jumpers go down a treat and are usually on offer before Christmas. Places like home bargains and morrisons are great for perfume and aftershave. (Good ones too). How about beers? Morrisons (again) have a beer festival in at the minute, you could make a hamper, that's big in size. They will have litres of spirits on offer too. And they all look forward to the big tubs of sweets. Primark have those huge fleecy blankets on offer atm. Mine love them.

dementedma Sun 18-Sep-16 19:01:44

Fleecy blankets and pjs are a good idea. I try and get the girls a big bottle of Bailey's when it's on offer. Like the hamper idea too. I do stockings which they love, it's the stuff under the tree that's getting tricky.

dillyduck Sun 18-Sep-16 19:53:25

I do stockings which they love, it's the stuff under the tree that's getting tricky.

Why do both? We do stockings that they all open in turn but tree presents are from wider family not parents. They know about santa and so no need to have 2 sets of gifts.

dementedma Sun 18-Sep-16 20:45:32

Huh? We've always done both. Stockings were from Santa when they were tiny, all presents under the tree are from us and family. If they just had stockings from us, there wouldn't be anything else really as wider family don't really buy for adult children, only young ones.

MrsJayy Sun 18-Sep-16 20:51:09

18yr old is hinted at perfume Ghost girl i think urban decay sparkly pallet and hair straighteners my sister wil get her the urban decay( cos i have no clue) she will get pjs socks and a few other stocking fillers. 23yr old Dd2 i dont know she works and buys her own stuff she was talking about facials and spas the other day might get her something like that

MrsJayy Sun 18-Sep-16 20:53:29

My daughters still get stockings they love it and would give me the sad face if they didnt get 1.

MrsJayy Sun 18-Sep-16 21:00:05

I did gift bags last year shower gel shampoo dd2 got foundation dd1 got face powder slipper socks a book Dd1 got a box of teapigs Dd2 got hot chocolate Dd1 torch for work, dd2 a fancy pen for college few other odds and sods they really appreciated it and had fun looking through it.

ridingsixwhitehorses Sun 18-Sep-16 23:40:38

I am 38 and my mum has done me a hamper of treats every year since I left home. It is great - includes things like nice pasta and tubes of pringles so nothing very expensive. Never has alcohol. Often has a pannetore and things to bulk it out.

I got a vase last year which was really nice and was a big box!

Also could you fill a shoebox with small toiletries for each and wrap up the box - some shops may still have cheap travel sized stuff from summer but you can get nice stuff in pound land too and I always appreciate a couple of fluffy new flannels and some bubble bath.

Also are you near a Tiger? They do some great quite big funky plastic bowls - the kind you might eat popcorn out of while watching a dvd - could put a posh pack of popcorn in one and wrap it up.

CarrotVan Tue 20-Sep-16 14:47:47

Or you could do experience things like

"a nice night in" with a dvd, bowl, popcorn, hot chocolate, snuggly socks and a cheap throw

"pamper yourself" with nail polish, handcream (Arran Aromatics £1.50 sale!), bath stuff, face mask, nice new fluffy towe

CarrotVan Tue 20-Sep-16 14:49:00

Or a craft gift - learn to make jewellery, crochet, bake bread etc

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