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Wilton's "roll-out" cookie recipe - UK flour hack

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Aka butter biscuits, sugar cookies, shortbread... If you buy their cookie cutters (and in the run-up to Christmas, you just might...), there's a lovely simple recipe on the back of the card, but it's in American.

Simply: use the same amount of self-raising flour that they call for "all-purpose" and omit the baking powder called for. That's it.

Also, I ignored the "do not chill" directive - chilled the dough for about 1/2 hour and it handled so well!

Won't type the recipe here - not sure about copyright issues. And, since I do own American-sized measuring cups, I haven't translated that to grams, sorry.

But measuring cups are a one-off purchase - the flour situation is recurring and most of us don't have access to American "all purpose" flour.

I wouldn't have discovered this hack if I owned baking powder, or even remembered that I don't before I started mixing ingredients. My spectacular disorganisation says "you're welcome". grin (Does fgrin work yet?)

Ooohhh! It does!!! fsmile

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