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8 yr old boys - from stocking fillers to main presents and everything in between

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WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Fri 16-Sep-16 23:31:34

Looking for some inspiration for presents for an 8 year old boy - like the title says, from stocking fillers to main presents. What are you buying yours?

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Fri 16-Sep-16 23:35:04

Lego - yet again
Electronics kit if I can find a good one

OSETmum Fri 16-Sep-16 23:41:11

DS is 7 but is getting a very specific ( ie expensive!) bike and an electronic drum kit as his main presents.

For smaller presents he's getting a Pokemon t shirt, Pikachu toy, Pokemon guide, Harry Potter things, the illustrated Harry Potter books, probably some Lego, Vans trainers, clothes, a bobble hat that's one of his favourite brands and probably some more books.

MegBusset Sat 17-Sep-16 00:16:39

Books - new Dav Pilkey one plus the Creature Teacher series
Pyjamas or possibly a onesie
Yu-Gi-Oh cards
Probably a video game, maybe Minecraft story mode
A cuddly toy, not sure what yet
Minecraft box head
Lego but only a small set as we have a houseful already

ThatIsNachoCheese Sat 17-Sep-16 00:34:18

Marking my place as I have no idea what to get my 8 year old other than sodding lego (again!)

He just had his birthday and we got him an electronic drum kit, batman lego set, ps3 game, some David Walliams books (which were a real hit) and a lego wall sticker (from amazon, only 7.99 and also a big hit.)

OvO Sat 17-Sep-16 00:44:16

I have one of those! Aren't they the best?!

Star Wars notebook
Lockable journal
BFG pencil case
Pens/Other stationery (will put in the pencil case)
Goo that looks like vomit
Glow sticks
Eleventy million novelty rubbers - pizza/cake/dinosaurs etc
BFG playing cards
Tsum Tsums
Stress ball
Shark socks
Spiderman torch
Jurassic World dinosaurs
Minecraft pyjamas
Crayola pens/colouring pencils/twistables
OMG/TMI/Whatever post it notes
Jumping beans
365 things to draw book (or whatever the number is)
Stretchy monkey
Splatter spider
Key ring
Mini metal bookmarks
Small Lego set
Magnet and iron filings

For the main presents we've bought a lot of figures as that's what he mainly plays with. He'd like monster figures so he'll get Frankenstein's Monster, Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Mummy and some others yet to be tracked down.

We've got him some Star Wars play-doh, lots of mini Star Wars space ships/vehicles, and no doubt some other Star Wars stuff will make its way into the pile. Can you sense a theme? grin

There'll be some board games (Labyrinth and Forbidden Island, probably a few more) but those will be to share. Also need to buy some Schleich figures as they are unfailingly popular - more dinosaurs plus some whales and sharks, I think.

I've no idea where I've stashed my Christmas notebook so can't check what else! But hopefully there's a little bit of inspiration there.

MegBusset Sat 17-Sep-16 00:50:18

Blimey how big is your stocking grin

OvO Sat 17-Sep-16 01:08:45

It's a pillowcase. fgrin

Ozzyisle Sat 17-Sep-16 06:22:54

My DS is getting....

Kinect for the Xbox plus a couple of games
Hover ball
Headphones for his tablet
David Walliams books
Guinness world records book
K'nex gun

This age by far has been the hardest. He doesn't particularly want anything either.

His birthday is 3 weeks after Christmas as well. For that he is getting a play store voucher, gamers world record book and a snap circuit.

InTheDessert Sat 17-Sep-16 06:28:21

Place marking.

Flop this was a massive hit last year in terms of electronics kits Amazon may not be the best place to buy!!!

imsorryiasked Sat 17-Sep-16 07:36:23

OvO there is a Schleich dinosaur advent calendar out

dinosaur advent calendar

DS well be getting a big "grow your own crystals" set and Thunderbirds monopoly

KingLooieCatz Sat 17-Sep-16 07:59:56

Mine turns 8 yo 2 weeks before Christmas. We struggle to come up with enough ideas for both, and relatives will ask for suggestions.


Kit to make neon friendship bracelets
"Grids, a drawing book for squares"

Thinking about:

One of those art boxes with pens/pencils/built in easel
Meet the meercat zoo experience
Pyjamas, jumpers, t-shirts e.g. Lego, Marvel
Electronic drum kit - any tips/recommendations?
Dragonwood (card game)

Will leave the Brightminds catalogue lying around and see what he gets excited about.

He got a "Hot Wires" electronic set by John Adams last year and it was a real hit, easy to experiment with and loads of circuits and bits. He made a lie detector by himself following the instructions.

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Sat 17-Sep-16 08:12:23

inthedessert that's great thanks. Always better to go for a recommendation rather than buying blind with things like this!

supercaliforniasurfer Sat 17-Sep-16 08:13:27

I have one of these... All he likes is football. Apart from some new keeper gloves & ball and some match Attax cards I'm kind of out of ideas.

I was thinking of FIFA 17, but he still has some birthday money left and I think he'll probably buy it.

Any ideas welcome smile

disneyprincesswannabe Sat 17-Sep-16 08:18:50

Ds1 is 7 but will be 8 in February. He will be getting lego (hulkbuster set), power rangers plesiozord megazord thingy, lego PS4 game. Batman pjs, some small avengers figures, mash'ems, and some other bits I've not got/thought of yet.
Generally anything lego, superheroes or power rangers. He's also asked for a new skateboard (avengers one) that I will ask the grandparents to get

NineLivesKitten Sat 17-Sep-16 09:17:20

super we have got ours the Jamie Johnson books which are about a boy who becomes a footballer.

Another suggestion would be bean boozled jelly beans. You can get them in a set with a spinner and you basically have to pick a jelly bean and it might taste of lime or it might taste of vomit. Not a bargain but great fun

confuugled1 Sat 17-Sep-16 09:17:27

Has everybody on here seen the Christmas bargain threads in the Christmas section? My phone isn't showing the link but they're very easy to find. And I've already saved a fortune on presents for this year including ds2 (8)

So far he's got (getting!):
Knex roller coaster (£10 instead of £40),
Minions jet Lego model ( albeit made by Mexx but good quality and Lego compatible) (£10 instead of £40)
Light up Lite brick rocket (7.50 instead of £25) and some light up men (again Lego compatible looks lots of fun to have lights in models)
Glow doh - £1.50 instead of £5
And more I can't think of off the top of my head.

So well worth reading the thread!

Ds had a camera last year that he loved - we went for a proper compact but a rugged one with a kids mode as he's a bit cack handed! We got the Nikon s33 which is just being discontinued so there are some good bargains around but the new version also looks nice. It has an animation mode so I got him a little claymation set which he has loved. Think I might upgrade it this year to the stickbot animation set.

supercaliforniasurfer have you seen on the match attax site that you can get personalised match attax cards?

Got them for both dc last Christmas- about £4, you put a picture of them in and their scores. You get 4 normal cards and 1 special so they can keep one and put the others into their collection to swap or even just shock/impress his friends with.

yaffle Sat 17-Sep-16 10:27:41

I'm struggling for inspiration as well , he's into things like Pokemon, Skylanders , Lego , Disney Marvel Infinity , I think there's a new Skylanders game out so no doubt that will be on his wish-list.

Stocking- ideas I've had so far

Pokemon cards
Colouring pencils
Colouring book of some description
Growing crystal kit
Random gemstones ( he collects them - oddly all my boys have gone through this phase )
David Walliams / Roald Dahl/ Diary of a Wimpy kid type books of some description
Small lego kit
Stretchy man/ rubber duck/bubbles/ clockwork toy/ sugar mouse/ toothbrush/ novelty bath stuff ( as per family tradition)
Chocolate// chocolate coins /sweets

deltacrook Sat 17-Sep-16 10:45:30

We've decided in no more plastic tat this year so thinking either a grown up bedroom so double bed etc or possibly a trip to legoland and London which he wants to do.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Sat 17-Sep-16 11:39:33

Blimey, loads of suggestions - thank you. Mine is a Harry Potter fanatic so 2nd hand Lego is featuring quite heavily so far (though wish I'd bought more before the pre-Christmas price hikes). Will look out some of these other suggestions. Drum kits seems to be popular!

disneyprincesswannabe Sat 17-Sep-16 11:52:19

My dd(12) is into Harry Potter. I'm getting her some jewellery and a wand from aliexpress and clothes (t shirt, jumper, slippers, pjs etc) from primark

ShoppingBasket Sat 17-Sep-16 12:00:39

Fab just place marking as I'm finding it really hard to buy for him this year, he is in between toys and video games. The toys he is longing for are ninjago Lego sets that cost about £80 a go!

mailfuckoff Sat 17-Sep-16 12:03:39

We are getting one DT a keeper for the day experience at a local zoo. Looking for something similar for other DT but not seen anything yet if any ideas. Lego and football loving 7 year old DT

jakesmommy Sat 17-Sep-16 13:20:24

My eldest is 9, so similar age, he is getting:
Nintendo 3DS
Pokémon Sun for 3DS
Pack of 4 Raptors from Jurassic World
Pokémon Steam Siege card box

In his stocking I have:
Nerf gun keyring
Dig Your Own Shark tooth
Pokémon League badges in box

imsorryiasked Sat 17-Sep-16 14:36:13

Mail our local football club do "be a mascot for a day" which includes meet the team pre match and other goodies etc?

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