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Dog /animal themed gifts for 4 and 6 year old

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dannyboyle Fri 16-Sep-16 12:07:11

Daughters are 4 and 6. Both dog and animal mad. Anyon any ideas for something to get them please? We have soft toys/remote control dogs, books etc but I'm struggling for ideas. Many thanks

Ceaser1981 Fri 16-Sep-16 16:54:11

Got this for nephew, looks dab

Ceaser1981 Fri 16-Sep-16 16:56:40

Sorry just saw u have remote control dogs. If they like birds b and m has a parrot that will repeat what you teach it

StuffYouAllInTheCrust Fri 16-Sep-16 17:01:25

Peppy Puppies - not remote control but you can take them for walks. There's a brown one and a Dalmation one. My 6 year old DD is dog mad and this is already on her Christmas list! I've bought one for my younger DD as well, she's 2.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Fri 16-Sep-16 21:32:22

Asda had some pug blankets. Pillow pets were popular at that age here too.

idontlikealdi Fri 16-Sep-16 21:35:41

What about a zookeeper experience instead of a toy?

attheendoftheday Sat 17-Sep-16 00:34:49

Dog gives the dc a dog themed present every year. It's one of those traditions that seemed like a good idea at the time but is in fact a massive pain in the backside. We have tried out many a dog toy!

These bath dogs went down OK last year.

BellaGoth Sat 17-Sep-16 02:52:08

Playmobil? My DS has the dog agility set which he adores.

Fresh01 Sat 17-Sep-16 12:34:26

I have a dog mad DD. Now 8 but the last 2 years has asked for a basket of dogs. So trip to a pet shop or pets at home for a small dog basket, some cuddly dogs of different sizes and types. Tesco do Keel's cuddly dogs. Then some leads and collars from Poundland. Gets loads of play-time hence getting another one the following year.

dannyboyle Sat 17-Sep-16 20:57:37

Thanks all. Given me some great ideas . Thank you. X

ridingsixwhitehorses Sat 17-Sep-16 21:58:38

Adopt them an animal (this sometimes includes a ticket to go and see it at the zoo)?

Lovelydiscusfish Sun 18-Sep-16 19:17:31

Have they seen The Secret Life of Pets? Dd who is 4 (who loves dogs, all pets actually) saw it at the cinema with her granny and loved it. DVD and toys pertaining to this?

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