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What are you getting your almost 5 yr old dd

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princessconsuelabannahammock Thu 15-Sep-16 20:23:09

Following on from a previous thread I need inspiration for my daughter.

She will be getting a new bike and helmet.
Probably a lunch box and back pack.
Hair bands and bath stuff.

To make things tricky it's her 5th bday just after Xmas.


mycatstares Thu 15-Sep-16 20:30:14

Hi my dd who was 4 in July will be getting

A new scooter - possibly one with the wheels that light up
Elsa toddler doll
Books with the story on CD included
Play doh hair dresser set

Thats all I've thought of so far, I'm struggling to think of some stocking fillers too.

FireInTheDisco Thu 15-Sep-16 20:38:16

Lego Friends here. She already has the vet set and loved it smile

attheendoftheday Thu 15-Sep-16 20:44:22

Last year dd1 got several playmobil vet sets, a large dollhouse (again with playmobil inside), a lego frozen castle, a lottie doll, books, dressing up stuff, probably some other bits that I've forgotten. This year is going to be heavy on lego friends and lego elves.

princessconsuelabannahammock Thu 15-Sep-16 21:23:09

Thanks all. Lego stuff and dressing up costumes added to the list.

Keep them coming. Thanks

princessconsuelabannahammock Thu 15-Sep-16 21:27:57

For stocking fillers I always do hair stuff, character bath stuff, lunch box, fancy pens and note books.

Thinking I might do some girls nail varnish - I think she is a bit young but wants pink toe nails like mummy. Craft and baking stuff always goes down well.

Rentergob89 Thu 15-Sep-16 22:07:54

My DD who will be 5 just after Christmas is getting mostly shopkins stuff as that's what she wants.
Currently bought the big pack of shopkins and 3 play sets. Also have got her the barbie dreamtopia Argos have it £10 cheaper then everywhere else. My two get 5 presents each nothing big or expensive as They both have birthdays in January.

elQuintoConyo Thu 15-Sep-16 23:01:32

I have a DS who turns 5 just before Christmas confused he is getting:

Playmobil police station
Dinosaur feet stilts (from Tiger)
More Lego (nothing more than €40 per kit)
Paw Patrol umbrella
New wellies - probably Paw Patrol again, but we'll see.
Selection of dvds (Mathilda, Muppets Xmas Carol, Minions movie, Inside Out).
Bedding of some sort.
Robin Hood outfit.
Knight outfit.
Minions hat (i'm making the last 3).
Maybe a couple more bits.

Stocking contains:
Pants (which he loves, puts the whole pack of 5 on at once grin)
New toothbrush (v cute shark from Aldi)
Some individual Playmobil figures i have got from the flea market (Santa, Mrs Santa and Elf will be a bit hit).
Huge tube of Smarties.
Glow in the dark stars for his ceiling.

He is happy just ripping open the paper grin

elQuintoConyo Thu 15-Sep-16 23:02:55

Sorry, just noticed the 'DD' in the thread title blush hopefully there'll be a couple of ideas that will help!

mycatstares Fri 16-Sep-16 12:04:17

I got a really cute nail varnish set from boots, it's a peppa pig one with nail stickers included! My dd is the same with her nails which is the opposite of meconfused!
This is what I got for Xmas

EmGee Fri 16-Sep-16 21:00:53

Melissa and Doug magic set (5 tricks)
Big box of Kapla blocks/ or Magnatiles

princessconsuelabannahammock Fri 16-Sep-16 21:19:05

Great ideas thanks.

Might get her a good scooter for her bday as her current was a £10 bargain and well bashed now from learning to balance.

Love the nail varnish set - my dd is turning into such a girlie girl, the exact opposite of me!

mayathebee Fri 16-Sep-16 22:50:07

I haven't made any final decisions yet but I think DD2 is getting:

More playmobil - she wants a pool or something from the fairground
Play doh hairdresser set
A pet parade set
Cheap T shirts and fabric pens so she can decorate them
Electric toothbrush
Walkie talkies
Subscription to storybox magazine

In her stocking she will have bubbles, MLP pencils and rubbers, some small gems/rocks and fossils from the museum shop which she is obsessed by whenever we go, bath bombs, hair things, small stamper/ink set i picked up in aldi, xmas socks, santa glider and playmobil figures.

Lovelydiscusfish Fri 16-Sep-16 23:26:01

Some Sylvanian Family stuff.
Some My Little Ponies.
DVD of the Lion King.
Sea monkey eggs (she already has the tank, as she had some before).
Might get her a paper - weight too - she loves them!

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