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HowToProceed Wed 14-Sep-16 12:38:12

my yearly what do i get for thread.

ds1 age 17. has a gaming pc, needs a new mouse so will get a spangly one. into gaming, music, otters, not much else. mother will be getting him a set of bluetooth headphones. has a smartphone.

ds2 age 15. high functioning autism, global delays, mental age of around 11-12. loves gaming, manchester united, football in general, lego, minecraft, wrestling. has an xbox and ipad. getting a laptop/gaming pc for main gift. also getting bluetooth headphones.

dd1 age 11. adhd and pda. is quite mild. loves minecraft, five nights at freddies, dragons, my little pony, lego. also getting a laptop as main gift, and bluetooth headphones from mother. adores soft toys but we have far too many already. isnt into reading unless its books about dragons. likes being read to.

dd2 age 10. loves dinosaurs but has millions already. likes minecraft and my little pony but not as much as dd1. likes makeup and looking pretty, but also quite tomboyish and likes running around outside. likes reading, but not writing. likes drawing. also getting laptop and bluetooth headphones. i struggle with her the most i think (partly because she is growing up and i dont like it)

grandson will be 6 months at christmas. nothing big as family lives in a small flat and may be moving soon. have already bought the gruffalo and the gruffalo's child books. no other ideas

HowToProceed Thu 15-Sep-16 08:34:32


neddle Thu 15-Sep-16 10:06:03

What sort of things are you looking for? It seems that the younger three and sorted with laptops and headphones, so stocking fillers/smaller things?

Last year I bought my dd14 this Capture Card although it was in a Lightning Deal in November, so paid around £90 for it.
SHe uses it to record what she does on her laptop and xbox like minecraft to upload to Youtube.

Maybe a fitness band? I like this one as you just take the computery bit off it to plug in and charge. I have a fitbit and I'm forever losing the charger cable as it's pretty small.

For a main present for the eldest: Amazon Echo. I think it may have been launched yesterday, as it was on the main page when I logged in last night. It's a speaker but does other things too.

For the 6 month old I love Leapfrog Scout and Violet. I recommend these to everyone and three of my children each have one. They grow with them and my five year still likes playing with his. You can personalise them with their name and favourite colour/animal/songs etc.

Give me some more pointers and I'll think what else is good. I have 5 children from 15-2 so I've bought a lot of crap over the years, but there was some good stuff too.

HowToProceed Thu 15-Sep-16 11:21:56

yes, stocking filler and smaller things, for the girls in particular as i have no inspiration at the moment, and ideas for the eldest. will deffo look at that for grandson.

NoCapes Thu 15-Sep-16 11:31:53

For DD1(11) how about some audio books, and maybe a small CD player if she doesn't have one as you said she likes to be read to?

DD2 you'll be able to find lots of make up sets around closer to Christmas, also My Little Pony is quite 'cool' for older kids in a more retro way so there will be t-shirts and things
You could maybe get her some nice fancy pencils and a sketch pad?
6 month olds are easy - bead maze/stacking cups/little £1 cars from supermarket/soft building blocks/toy keys/toy phone etc etc

HowToProceed Thu 15-Sep-16 11:38:43

ooooh, she does have a cd player, and likes listening to music to go to sleep so maybe some music cd's (she likes classical violin music). but she likes me reading to her.

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