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Craft for Christmas - share your plans & projects

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Wondermoomin Sat 10-Sep-16 10:54:46

Have you started working on any crafts in preparation for Christmas? Or got plans to? Would love to hear about other people's plans and projects, feel free to share here whatever you're working on or anything really to do with Christmas crafting.

I'm currently looking around for ideas/patterns for...
Advent calendars
Simple-to-make gifts in general

luckiestgirl Sat 10-Sep-16 11:30:28

Ooh checking in. This is right up my street. Will post ideas later when I'm not in a hurry.

TheLittleFoxes Sat 10-Sep-16 12:03:39

I might have a go at making some simple Christmas table mats for Christmas day. I got some fabric in a sale ages ago that is waiting to be used.

I'm also planning to make DD(5) a nice dress for her school party with some deep red velveteen I've found on eBay.

Sweetdreamsaremadeofthis Sat 10-Sep-16 12:15:23

Place marking to come by and read later what a great idea for a thread

anyoldname76 Sat 10-Sep-16 12:49:35

im crocheting mermaid tails for my 2 neices, ive made one already. feeling a bit christmassy today so im crocheting a tree skirt for my sister. this is one of the tails ive made.

Wondermoomin Sat 10-Sep-16 13:22:57

That's gorgeous anyoldname I wish I had your skill!

Bambooshoots14 Sat 10-Sep-16 13:39:07

Ooh place marking too

RJnomore1 Sat 10-Sep-16 13:44:01

I'll do something...not sure what yet though. Ideas gratefully received!

AlwaysOldBeforeMyTime Sat 10-Sep-16 13:47:52

I've not got as far as deciding what to do this year but would love some quick and easy ideas.

Last year I made these super quick and easy crocheted wine glass holders for all the ladies in the family, they were very well received!

newtothenet Sat 10-Sep-16 13:56:31

Any old name that's brilliant! Do you have a pattern? I'm currently researching bird wing sewing patterns for my daughters' dressing up box Christmas present.

MothershipG Sat 10-Sep-16 14:02:26

My local park has a huge pear tree, some plums trees and a few blackberries, so I've made loads of jam. It only gets given to those who'll appreciate it as from reading MN I've discovered that some people are sniffy about homemade food! shock

TeaPleaseLouise Sat 10-Sep-16 14:07:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anyoldname76 Sat 10-Sep-16 14:16:00

this is the pattern i used newtothenet

helenatroy Sat 10-Sep-16 14:17:47

I have a plain door wreath which i decorate differently each year. I love deciding in advance what the theme is to be each year as I continue the theme on the banisters. Am going with red berries this year. Last year it was holly and ivy. I'm a Christmas but though.

helenatroy Sat 10-Sep-16 14:19:16


fivetosix Sat 10-Sep-16 14:47:23

I'm a major crafter at Christmas although I make to sell rather than for my own use. I create bauble wreaths and trees and am getting a tad giddy at the mammoth bag of baubles I dug out of the attic yesterday!

NorbertDentressangle Sat 10-Sep-16 15:25:22

oooh I might keep an eye on this thread in the hope it will inspire me!

16 yo DD has been talking about making some Spa in a Jar presents for friends - has anyone done anything similar or can offer advice or ideas please?

SpringerS Sat 10-Sep-16 16:05:17

I like to make some of my DS' toys for his stocking each year. Last year I made him customised superhero figures and this year I'm making DC superpets and superheroed-up Cars toys. I also knit him his Christmas jumper last year, which was Batman, Robin and Batgirl. The Christmassy parts could be removed after Christmas, so he could wear it all year. It's big enough that he can still wear it this year, I'll just Christmas-ify it again in December. I made him some personalised book too, one about our Christmas gnome arranging his Advent-ures and the other about Santa coming to our city on Christmas eve while DS prepares for his arrival, and had them printed as hardbacks.

ValiumQueen Sat 10-Sep-16 16:29:47

I made a mermaid tail for my kids a few weeks ago. They lived in it for a week, but now it is just gathering dust.

ValiumQueen Sat 10-Sep-16 16:31:57

I want to make an advent calendar this year too. I have six sets of 4 card drawers from Wilkinsons that I got about 6 years ago and have only ever stuck numbers on them. Really need to get my act together. Loving this threadsmile

ValiumQueen Sat 10-Sep-16 16:38:03

Norbert lots of ideas on Pinterest. I did a spa party for my 10yo mermaid in the summer and it was a huge hit. I will find a pic of the party bags for inspiration.

FrogTime Sat 10-Sep-16 16:41:06

Ive been wanting to make one of these for a couple of years!
Will probably add a little glitter and bookish holly leaves and berries smile

MrsDilligaf Sat 10-Sep-16 17:06:50

Thank you for this thread fgrin

I want to make DD a stocking this year and I would like to make a tree skirt too.

If I have the time I would like to make DD a quiet book - at the moment she's fascinated by zips and I like the ones where you can interchange the pages as the children grow.

I have a feeling I will be spending a happy few hours browsing the internet for supplies.

newtothenet Sat 10-Sep-16 18:58:18

Thanks for the mermaid pattern. Valium - yours looks amazing! Mrs D I made a quiet book last year. Springer - I'm in the middle of a Paddington jumper at the moment and the idea of optional Christmas bits is fantastic. I might make him a press stud Santa hat. This thread is right up my street!!

luckiestgirl Sat 10-Sep-16 19:52:53

I'm thinking whipped body butter for the females in the family (there's a MNer recipe around somewhere I think).

Then I'll attempt Baileys and white chocolate fudge and maybe truffles or something for the men.

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