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Help! Need a new Xmas tree

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BasinHaircut Thu 08-Sep-16 15:33:45

Since DH and I have lived together we've made do with hand me down Xmas trees and a crappy cheap 4ft one I bought for a tenner last year because we didn't have much space.

This year I want a lovely new tree, for my lovely new house. 6-7ft but not too wide (narrow house) and preferably pre-lit. Budget £100-ish, would stretch that a bit for something truly special.

Any suggestions on where to look?

VioletBam Thu 08-Sep-16 15:58:21

Get a real one!

ShatnersBassoon Thu 08-Sep-16 16:00:51

They're not in the shops yet. Give it a month or so, then go to a big garden centre for a look and a feel of them on display.

IsItMeOr Thu 08-Sep-16 21:48:40

Try Balsam Hill. Might be a bit over budget, but we've just unpacked our new one today and it's great.

happsymum Fri 09-Sep-16 06:31:03

we have a Tesco one with pine cones and lights. its so pretty even with no decorations put on , and we had lots of compliments on it, my MIL went out and bought the same one after seeing ours (she had just bought one a week before)

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