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Baby's first Xmas - what to do

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Ilikegin Wed 07-Sep-16 09:21:20

Just me, DH and a four month old for Xmas day this year.

What could we do to make it special?

Me and DH don't usually do much expect eat nice food and watch Xmas movies, we don't have a dining table so we eat on our laps (I'd love the traditional laid table Xmas dinner with crackers etc but it's just not doable in our small house! we once ate it off the ironing board with a bed sheet over it shock) other family are a no go area so it's just us. I'd love to make it special for her, even though she's still too young to understand what's going on! Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Allalonenow Wed 07-Sep-16 09:42:18

Well she will love all the lights glitter and sparkle, how about making some mobiles with sparkling decorations.
Also buy one lovely tree bauble that will always remind you of her first Christmas.
You can make her a stocking filled with bath toys etc, and get a Christmasy storybook to read in the future, write the date inside to remind you it was for her first Christmas.
Play carols, all babies love music.
Take loads of photos.

Have a lovely day!

crayfish Wed 07-Sep-16 09:51:59

I'm very jealous, I would love for it to be just the two of us and DS. I would spend the morning in my PJs playing with DS and opening presents, have a later grown-up lunch when DS was napping and then have a picky tea (DS's favourite) with all of us while watching chistmas movies. Heaven.

Unfortunately we have to go and see about ninety of my in-laws every christmas - I have am NC with all my family so it's always assumed that I will be happy to go along with DH's, although this year I have refused to stay overnight anywhere at least.

Anyway, your christmas will be lovely. The 4 month old won't give a shit obviously but will like the lights and everything, my DS was six months last christmas and wasn't fussed but i'm hoping he is more into it this year.

dontcrynow Wed 07-Sep-16 10:06:02

The baby wont notice the firstChristmas but next year get a stocking with his/her name on it, buy a special Christmas book to bring out to read only on Christmas day/eve egNight before Christmas or the Jolly postman christmas book you could; buy a chrstmas mug or plates (could be disposable if you're short of storage space), crackers at breakfast, fairy lights, special christmas bib, christmas pyjamas, dvds. If you have space, put them away and only bring out at Chrismas. leading up to chistmas you could do a non chocolate advent callender. Just create your own traditions.

GipsyDanger Wed 07-Sep-16 10:09:17

I've been going mental for months picking stuff up for ds first xmas, he'll be 9 months.

GipsyDanger Wed 07-Sep-16 10:11:26

Check out they do amazing personalised Christmas items. I've picked up a burlap sack with his name, a "'twas the night before xmas" book, a sleigh bell a la the polar express, a wooden "letter from Santa" about his first Christmas. I honestly can't wait!!!

BiddyPop Wed 07-Sep-16 10:15:04

While your house may be too small for a dining table to be constantly there, is there any space where you could fit a fold-up table either hanging off the wall or pushed in against a wall etc, and pull that out for family meals? Ikea and other places do small space saving versions, some with chairs fitting underneath. I know we had a gate-leg one years ago, and folding chairs that we slid in between the legs, which we just pushed against the wall when we weren't using it.

Definitely get her a stocking and a special 1st Christmas decoration.

We got a small but hard-backed copy of "Twas the night before Christmas" for DD's 1st Christmas and that has been the Christmas Eve story (or first of a few!) every single year since (she's about to turn 11). We also have quite a collection of Christmas books in amongst all the story books we have.

And music - play Christmas FM on the radio, get a CD of Christmas music you enjoy, look out for alternatives to the "Christmas standards" (not just Fairytale in New York and Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - but some nice choral and orchestral and country and rock and bluegrass versions of songs, it's a really great time of year to explore other styles!).

She won't really be into it this year, but make some special memories for DH and yourself. Don't be afraid if she screams the place down if you take her to see Santa - a strange man with hair all over probably in a dark room - so be prepared to take her but that you or DH may need to hold her for the photos beside Santa. Although she may love it and be happy to sit and gurgle.

Enjoy! Especially, enjoy the last year when your small house won't be overrun by plastic and toys everywhere!!

Ilikegin Wed 07-Sep-16 10:24:21

Thanks for the replies, there's some great ideas! I'm going to make it really festive and take loads of photos.
Love the bauble idea and the Christmas bib! What's a non choc advent calender dontcrynow?
I might even dress her up as something fun, not Santa or an elf tho.. Any ideas?
Crayfish - Its been similar for me, because we never spend it with my family for numerous reasons, DH family seem to think that means we can spend it with them every year, even tho it ends up boring and unenjoyable, I've had to put my foot down and say it's just us on a few occasions, technically it's his family's turn again this year but it's not happening.. DH hasn't told them yet though! confused Thing is I'm probably going to feel the same for the next few years while she is young! Families huh?
Hope you have a great Xmas all the same!

dontcrynow Wed 07-Sep-16 10:37:53

Advent callenders that just have liitle widow openings with a picture instead of a chocolate - they do still exist but you may have to look hard. Or there are advent callenders that you put a small sweet ot toy in for each day leading up to christmas.
Could youbuy a small picnic table or decorating trestle table to slide under or behind your sofa so even if you continue to eat on your lap there is somewhere to lay out the crackers, food etc - a bit like a buffet. We have taken lovely photos of my dd every Christmas and put the in a special christmas photo album and bring it out to look at every year. There's a lot to be said for hiding all this stuff away between Christmases if you can as it make it so much more special when each christmas comes around Get a chrismas memory box even if its only a shoe box and store it away out of sight

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