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Can someone talk to me about leapfrog please?

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giraffesarefab Mon 05-Sep-16 21:53:38

Ds2 (5) has autism and I was looking at a leapfrog leap reader for him for Xmas but the books that go with it seem to be really limited online or out of stock.

But now it seems that they have a new format out, something to do with "preschool" and "primary school", which seems to supercede the leap reader?
Does anyone have one? Are they OK?


Ratbagcatbag Tue 06-Sep-16 14:29:49

Not sure myself but by 3.5 year old would love something like this so shuffling in and hoping someone knows. smile

Moxiechick Tue 06-Sep-16 14:59:45

I think I've seen an advert for it come on a few times but I always just catch the end. Interested though.

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