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Christmas Fete Ideas

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barefootcook Mon 05-Sep-16 01:31:09

I am in charge of a stall at DS's school's Christmas Fete. I have one idea so far- reindeers made out of paper coffee cups filled with sweets. Am really hoping to come up with some easy and original ideas. Any thoughts!!??

marmiteloversunite Mon 05-Sep-16 01:56:32

Jolly jars - children fill a glass jar with anything from crayons, to sweets to hair ties and then you use these as a tombola.

Name the Christmas reindeer.

Reindeer food.

Christmas themed face painting if u have any talented parents.

Lucky present dip.

barefootcook Mon 05-Sep-16 02:03:38

Thank you- keep the ideas rolling! I am thinking of things that can be bought. The jars are a great idea but have already been arranged by another person.

WindPowerRanger Mon 05-Sep-16 02:11:04

Bags of popcorn (salt, sweet, and mixed) always sell well at my DCs' school fairs.

Christmas decorations: star or snowflake biscuits made from salt dough and decorated, or candy canes/trad lollipops with ribbons on them.

Christmas-themed stencils so kids can make their own cards, decorations etc.

Partybugs Mon 05-Sep-16 08:32:31

I second the reindeer food bag.. They could even Make Their Own too.. Oats, (Tesco value), glitter, etc (the works or poundland), small food bag and reindeer sticker (see link below).

I would happily send all 4 of my kids over to spend 50p or £1.00 on a bag each.

BiddyPop Mon 05-Sep-16 09:25:29

Do you have a theme or a requirement on your stall? (In our school, each class gets told their overall requirement - sweet stall, bottle draw, cake stall, toys stall, books stall, etc).

Following on from Reindeers of sweets, how about bags of "Snowman Soup"? Cellophane bags with a serving of hot chocolate powder (either individual sachets for ease, or measured out into small bags and tied off from a tub), a candy cane to stir, and a couple of mini marshmallows. There are lots and lots of different versions of the "poem" out there on the web, many of which can be printed to either put in the bag or used as a "topper" on the top of the bag, to explain it.

"Reindeer Poop" is another (chocolate covered raisins) that can be doled out into cello bags and a poem added.

"Snowman poop" could be white bon-bons - or the blue ones if you find those.

I see lots of different chocolate cupcakes made into Reindeers with mini-pretzels for antlers, and something like a red smartie as a nose as part of the icing decorations.

Do you just want to sell things, or could people make things there?
A great one in our school is the Santa's workshop - there is a Santa's Grotto to meet the man, but there's another where the parents in charge supervise Elves (6th class kids) bringing kids from the other classes to another room, where they can choose small presents for their DPs, and get them wrapped (themselves or the Elves do it), in secret, so they just bring out a paper bag with the wrapped items in it. Most DPs know what they are getting before they leave school - but the DCs get to choose in secret if they want. This is the one stall that requires money to be given in advance (you say whether you want 1 or 2 presents) to ensure that there are enough items. Costs €3 per present and the actual presents are small items (tree decorations, sort of adult stocking filler things, lots of small tools or nice mini-toiletries or things from Tiger etc, some are funny, some are useful, some are just tat, but the DCs get to choose themselves!)

Those are my main seasonal ideas anyway.

BiddyPop Mon 05-Sep-16 09:28:22

Sorry - there were 2 more on the "making things" theme:

Plain cookies and lots of icing, including "writing icing" - for the DCs to make their own cookies (possibly would be a messy one!). Different shapes would be good for that.

Or a "make your own decorations" table - there are lots of reasonably simple decorations that you could pick (just pick say 2 or 3 at most) and have all the bits there to keep DCs busy for even 10 minutes. Then they hang the results on their trees at home. Probably leaving a lot of glitter on the floor to clean up...

Wayfarersonbaby Mon 05-Sep-16 14:07:00

If you can get hold of a load of old Christmas cards, and a pair of pinking shears, a hole punch and some bright coloured cord (red?), try making gift tags out of them which can be sold in bunches of 5 or 10 in cellophane packets (can get cheap multipacks of these from ebay). You do need a source for the old cards though!

Ceaser1981 Mon 05-Sep-16 15:44:58

These look good

2014newme Mon 05-Sep-16 15:48:08

Reindeer food is the fastest seller at ours. Has a little bell on and a poem.

wornoutboots Mon 05-Sep-16 16:24:01

selling little christmas toys would work out well too - baker ross have a sale on theirs atm - something like this sold for 25p an item would make a decent profit

giraffesarefab Mon 05-Sep-16 21:37:07

If you turn a gingerbread man cookie cutter upside down, it's a reindeer! We made biscuits, charged 20p and made a lot of money.

giraffesarefab Mon 05-Sep-16 21:40:02

Found on google

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