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Suggestions for 11 and 13 yo DSS

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MileyWiley Sun 04-Sep-16 22:23:25

I have two step sons who visit EOW. By Christmas they will be 11 and 13. They do not look after anything whether it be themselves, clothing, personal belongings, etc but that's another thread.

As they are only with us EOW and even then spend most of the time out of the house either with us or their friends IMO the best presents would be vouchers for young driver lessons, bowling, cinema, McDonald's, etc etc i.e stuff we can't afford to do with them every weekend which will be a big treat for them.

Clearly the decision should be my DP's but he tends to leave everything Christmas related to me! Only input he has given is no clothes/ trainers for Christmas as he feels these are necessities not presents.

Does anyone else have any suggestions or is in a similar situation themselves? I'd love them to actually have something on Xmas day except their stockings/ chocs etc rather than just vouchers and cash! Especially as DD will be 1 so will most likely have lots to unwrap and my DSS will be with us this Xmas morning.

They will also be getting a Christmas Eve hamper the night before as they will be with us.

Thanks in advance. Getting very exited for Christmas already here grincake

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