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Christmas Eve boxes for older teens

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secondhoneymoon Thu 01-Sep-16 21:16:10

Didn't ever do Christmas Eve boxes when the children were little, introduced last year when trying to do something a bit different and they went down surprisingly well - have been asked to do the same again this year - but would like to add some different things.
Plus only did for girls last year, might need to add for 20 year old boy which complicates things a bit
Last year they had Christmas PJs, undies & socks; Christmas earrings: small bottle of Prosecco; Christmas scented toiletries, Christmas scrunchie, DVD. For the male I can add Chrostmas beer, and can get male versions of the clothing items but the little extras such as earrings, scrunchies and toiletries will be hard to replace. Plus would like something different for the girls. We already have Christmas mugs and glasses. And yes, I know it's early but for various reasons will have very little spare time closer to Christmas so want to at least do the thinking now if not the buying. (Should add they also have stockings on Christmas morning, 'it wouldn't be Christmas without it' apparently so for Christmas Eve, looking mainly for Christmassy items. But stocking suggestions also welcome beyond usual smellies, books, etc thank you

VioletBam Fri 02-Sep-16 05:37:29

For the male, I would add extra nice chocolate and maybe a nice bottle opener? Cool keyring? Wallet?

If you want different things for the girls, then you could get them a new purse/wallet too as well as nice chocolate.

wannabestressfree Fri 02-Sep-16 06:37:40

It's funny you should mention it I seem to get worse and more 'tradition' led as they get older...perhaps it's because they are growing up. They loved the Christmas Eve box! I did sweets, hot chocolate, films, some light boost drinks.
Bloody love Christmas. Can't wait smile

WiltingTulip Fri 02-Sep-16 07:01:21

Hmm. Depends on your budget and their interests really:
iTunes card
An alcohol mixer type thing to make an Xmas eve cocktail
Board game/ cards to play together with the cocktail
Cinema ticket - go as a family?

RJnomore1 Fri 02-Sep-16 07:04:00

Christmas bath bomb, think that would be OK for the bloke too. Lush do Santa shaped ones which I love.

wobblywonderwoman Fri 02-Sep-16 07:07:30

What hobbies - mine loves to get fishing bait etc

BiddyPop Fri 02-Sep-16 10:12:22

OK - are these ideas for teens who are trying to be adults, or for teens that are "still my babies"?

I think, even if the majority of items are in the more grown-up sphere, there should still be a few bits that are "my babies" in there - chocolate coins, fruit, that sort of thing.
We still get a book in our stockings when we stay in my DPs house on Christmas Eve, a large pack of sweets and half a fruitbasket (growing up, there were loads of apples but rarely other fruit and every Christmas, we got an orange, mandarin, red apple, green apple, banana and a kiwi EACH in our stockings - so everyone had lots of lovely fruit and a choice of when to eat it as you weren't making sure you grabbed a piece before the others grabbed them all! Big Irish family).

I have a list, culled from an American forum discussion a few years ago, of ideas. It's a group where lots of adults also get stockings, so there are some interesting ideas there - some are quite American (!) but there may be a few things there to inspire you:

Chocolate covered coffee beans
Chocolate dipped spoons
Coffee gift card
Candy store candy (put in plastic ornament balls or cellophane bags)
Lottery tickets
Coffee mug
Christmas ornament
Christmas cd
Cozy socks
Book mark
Small game /travel game
Deck of cards
Small lego sets
Gel pens
Art supplies
Word search/fun pads
Poker chips
Video game
Memory card
Music gift card
USB key
Inexpensive kitchen gadgets /tools
Oven mitt (cloth or silicone)
Wooden spoons
Recipe cards
Small cookbook
Holiday shaped/scented soap
Nail/pedicure accessories….nail gems, stickers, buffers etc.
Nail polish
Pumice stone
Eye pads
Facial masks
Foot scrubs
Bath bombs
Bath scrubbers
Soap dish
Bath pillow
Shaving cream/razors
Nice soap/scented body wash
Bottle of cologne/perfume
Shower radio
Car air freshener
Tire gauge
Car cleaning tool/brush
Cleaners/wipes for car
Pocket calendar
Address book
Key chain
Small decorative boxes
Picture frame
Small photo album
Jewlery charms
Jewlery making supplies/string
Small notebooks /notepads/sticky notes
Skateboard stickers
Skateboard/Surfboard wax/gum eraser/grip tape
Can of soda, Monster energy drinks, Gatorade etc.)
Accessories for ipod….skins, earphones, car charger etc.
Sports water bottle
$5 gift card to coffee shop, Target, drugstores, etc. (OK £5!)
Unusual pen or pencil
Scrapbooking glue or supplies
Chocolate coins – they’re still your babies!
Cake decorating tips
Cookie/cake decorating sprinkles
Cookie cutters
Candy molds
Cake stencils
Christmas themed silicone muffin/cupcake pan
Lip gloss
Make up brushes
Cuff links
Puzzle book
Baseball hat or knit hat
Axe Shower gel
Trail mix
Beef Jerky
Protein bars
Can of Pringles – the mini sized ones are cool!
Snack foods
Tiny Bottle of champagne, Christmas beer etc
Gift certificate for flower shop
Magazine of hobby or interest
Guitar strap
Guitar picks
Sheet music
Belt buckle
Tennis balls
Golf items…balls,tees,etc.
Wine accessories/bottle stopper
Soda fizz keeper
Seeds for garden
Garden accessory….garden markers etc.
Flower cutters
Gourmet sauces or spices etc.
Jams and jellies or flavored honey
Bag clips
Silly hat
Party poppers
Gag gift
Giant candy bar
Movie gift certificates
Tickets to sporting event, or other event
Cereal box freebie
Sample items or other freebies
Tools or hardware (picture hangers etc.)
Paint buddy
Home improvement tool
Mini mustard jar
Bottle of beer
Bottle opener
Cheese knife set
Coffee syrups or flavored sugars
Small bag of coffee
Mini liqueur bottle
Candy shot glasses
Cocktail item or tool
Small purse
Laser tag or bowling or cinema voucher
Winter themed boxer shorts
Windshield ice scraper
Hair accessory
Fishing items
Camping items
Marshmallow skewers
Smores kit (in a bag)
Travel coffee mug
Reusable Water bottle
Reusable shopping bag
Christmas scented air freshener
Christmas lights
Snow globe
Make their favorite Christmas cookie or candy
Something to add to persons collection
Christmas pillow case
Mouse pad
Glasses case
Eye glasses cleaning cloth (micro fiber)
Kitchen towels
Napkin rings
Small book of organizing tips
Tool (screwdriver, picture hangers etc.)
Pocket knife
Pop corn seasonings/plain microwave popcorn bags
Silicone basting brushes
Kabob skewers
Accessory to decorate room
Wood letters that spell something or initials
Specialty ice cube trays
Bottled ice coffee
Gingerbread loaf or other Christmas bread
Framed photo
Handwritten letter
Homemade coupons
Any homemade item
Sample Men's After Shave
Flavored Lip Balm
Nail Clipper
Nail Files
Wrapped Tea Bags, Such as Peppermint Tea

BiddyPop Fri 02-Sep-16 10:15:11

For DH for the Christmas Eve box - he doesn't get a Lush Bath Bomb like DD and I, but I have found some "Ultimate Source" shower gels that are interesting, like black pepper, or "lemon and chilli extreme wake up" that are more manly but not what he would normally get.

Lush do have some nice male things though that could be good and not too "festive", or L'Occitane have lovely male things too that would be out of the ordinary perhaps?

ovenchips Fri 02-Sep-16 10:21:06

I am obviously a complete miserablist because to me the idea of doing those boxes and having to think about it when September has barely started, brings out my grinch.

BiddyPop Fri 02-Sep-16 10:29:50

Ovenchips, it's not so much the doing of it (yes, I know it can be OTT to many), but planning it in Sept is just being sensible, especially if the OP has already said that the end of the year is a busy time for her.

I am planning a lot of my Christmas stuff now - because I have the funds now, and also the time and the thinking space and the chance to do the buying (in shops or internet orders). Whereas December is mad busy both workwise and homewise, there are wider family things going on that will need attention then, and I will be stressed to the gills then without the added stress of just planning for Christmas.

Whereas by doing it now, I can just get it done, have all the extra little touches organized, and put it all aside until its needed in December. And hopefully actually enjoy at least some of the Season as well rather than being a shuddering wreck huddled in a corner.

Most people in RL haven't realized I am working away on this, and probably never will realise that I do so much at this time of year.

BiddyPop Fri 02-Sep-16 10:30:32

And it is the Christmas Board that this discussion is on anyway
fgrin fgrin

secondhoneymoon Fri 02-Sep-16 10:38:16

Thank you all, especially BiddyPop for the mammoth list, loads of great ideas from you all. I'd like the Christmas Box to be very 'Christmassy', stocking tends to be a mix of practical and fun items.
I know it's early, but it's the ideas rather than buying things that I find the hardest and I just know I'm going to have v little time later in the year.
These are young adults - 19 & 20 - Christmas Eve box & stockings still give them (and me!) a little bit of Christmas magic. Keep the ideas coming as it's not just me that will benefit

secondhoneymoon Fri 02-Sep-16 10:41:04

And if you really don't want to be thinking about Christmas in September, keep off the Christmas threads. Some of us have to start at least the thinking early!!

TroubleinDaFamily Fri 02-Sep-16 11:21:30

How long does this thread last because that list is fantastic.

NoCapes Fri 02-Sep-16 11:27:53

A Christmas Eve box in our house is things for Christmas Eve night, not 'presents' as such
My kids are much younger but ours has -
- Xmas bath bomb
- xmas pj's
- xmas mugs with hot choc and marshmallows in (I recycle the same mugs each year, but they still go in the box)
- plastic popcorn boxes with popcorn in
- xmas DVD
- xmas book
- xmas plate for Santas milk and rudolfs carrot
- reindeer dust
- Santas Magic key

So I'd just make it more 'grown up' as they get older
Like add a mini bottle of baileys for the hot chocolate, just get nice new pj's rather than Xmas ones, add some nice slippers etc etc

Xmas day is for presents, not Xmas eve smile

secondhoneymoon Fri 02-Sep-16 13:53:38

Yes I agree. I might add some reindeer dust for a giggle!

Floggingmolly Fri 02-Sep-16 14:03:53

Isn't it effectively like giving two stockings? confused. All these little gifts are what goes into the stockings in our house, and Christmas Eve is all about the anticipation; not opening a box of gifts.
The pyjamas, hot chocolate, Christmassy DVD sort of stuff they get on Christmas Eve anyway, but I don't make that much of a festival of it...

secondhoneymoon Fri 02-Sep-16 14:11:52

I take your point - the Christmas Eve boxes didn't have much in them, just an attempt to make Christmas a bit more special for young adults, especially as they tend to get a small amount of money for their main present, so the boxes and stockings just make it more of an occasion. It's up to each family what works for them really.

Artandco Fri 02-Sep-16 14:13:43

What do you put in a stocking? As everything in these 'boxes' are what mine get in stockings the next day.

They hair get a mince pie to eat here. Must be a miser

2014newme Fri 02-Sep-16 14:16:19

Agree these are Christmas day stocking fillers in our house it dissipates the magic by having gifts on Xmas eve.
We get out the Xmas crockery, cd, dvd, tableware etc when we put the tree up so we can use it throughout December.

NoCapes Fri 02-Sep-16 14:17:59

In our stockings we have -
- a toothbrush (it's the law to have a new toothbrush at Christmas)
- a magic flannel
- stickers
- giant tube of smarties
- small toy (hot wheels or similar)
- blind bag (usually Lego or my little pony)

So actual presents, rather than things to do/drink/watch/eat, which is what's in our Christmas Eve box

secondhoneymoon Fri 02-Sep-16 15:51:38

Well I've only done the box once, so put Christmassy stuff in the box, less in the stockings, more practical things. When they were little we didn't do Christmas Eve boxes and everything went in the stockings

BiddyPop Fri 02-Sep-16 16:30:30

My long list was ideas for stockings for older people really, rather than children. And not for inclusion in a box on Christmas Eve.

Our box really is all about getting settled for bed really - new PJs are useful in winter so why not on Christmas Eve. A bath bomb to enjoy a bath and relax for going to sleep helps amid the excitement. The hot chocolate ditto. And most of the rest of it is not new things.

For other families, the Box is more of an activity box of things to do to distract DCs on Christmas Eve in the day. Crafty things or games or dvds to watch and pass the time.

And as DCs grow up and into teen years and beyond into adulthood, things change, traditions that worked for small people no longer work. But some families still want some elements of magic - and that is wonderful. Christmas is not all about Santa and small DCs - it is a season of goodwill and sharing for all. And making some newer traditions to reflect that are a good thing. Especially if those traditions can be done without huge outlays of money by thinking about them early enough to decide WHAT should be included, and then actually organizing those items over a period where they can be gathered from various sources, handmade, found on sale, etc - or even just the acquirer having a theme or an idea to work to and knowing that 1 item would work wonderfully but that another item for the same price would look all wrong or be a dreadful waste of money.

You know, teenagers now in college and needing stationary items or kitchen items, small things to do with hobbies that "fit" the receiver, or just something sweet or lovely that shows the receiver that their parents (or whoever) love them and still "get" them.

secondhoneymoon Fri 02-Sep-16 18:05:02

Great post BiddyPop, agree entirely

ridingsixwhitehorses Fri 02-Sep-16 19:52:26

Christmas scratch card

M&M world do some great Christmas themed things nearer the time

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