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RoastieToastieReastie Thu 01-Sep-16 20:49:14

Since there are so many links on the last thread about refer a friend for cornerstone thought I'd set up a thread to post the links to save the other thread from getting full up with links (although tbh I realise I'm way kate to the party in setting this up and it's probably redundant).

Nzou1050 Thu 01-Sep-16 20:52:58

If anyone still needs to get a razor I'd really appreciate it if you used my link. Thanks in advance.

Freezingtoes Thu 01-Sep-16 21:01:03

Sorry, just noticed this link. I'd really appreciate it if you could use mine.

Thank you

prominent5 Thu 01-Sep-16 21:03:04

My razor referral link for anyone still to buy. Would really appreciate someone using it. Thanks.

Wenchelda Thu 01-Sep-16 21:03:54

Adding my referral LINK too smile

Inthehighcastle Thu 01-Sep-16 21:05:36

Just adding my referral link please

SideOrderofChip Thu 01-Sep-16 21:06:52

Heres mine smile

Chips referral link

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Thu 01-Sep-16 21:07:30

Adding my link apparently 0 credit so hasmt been used yet 😟

livinginhope87 Thu 01-Sep-16 21:28:32

Adding mine. Thank you.

RosaBee Thu 01-Sep-16 21:31:58

Adding mine as so close to being able to order!

Strawberryfield12 Thu 01-Sep-16 21:37:26

another unused referral link for the razor blades, would really appreciate some one using it:

Stylingwax Thu 01-Sep-16 21:41:54

And mine!

SalemSaberhagen Thu 01-Sep-16 21:55:51

chucking mine in the hat smile

LiverbirdNo1 Thu 01-Sep-16 22:03:19

My link if anyone would like to use it!

Pinkladymel Thu 01-Sep-16 23:00:47

If anyone would like to use my link, it will give you £10 off a Cornerstone shaving kit with a really nice personalised, engraved handle. This means you can get a decent gift for those I possible to buy for men for £4!

verytiredmummy1 Fri 02-Sep-16 08:13:33

If you fancy using mine here it is smile


craftymadam Fri 02-Sep-16 08:15:15

I've used your link PinkladyMel
Would love it if someone would use mine -

Wait4nothing Fri 02-Sep-16 08:30:11
I thought someone had used mine but must have been someone else's as still showing £0. If you wouldn't mind that would be great

MayorOfWhere Fri 02-Sep-16 09:07:11

Here's mine


torthecatlady Fri 02-Sep-16 14:00:17

This razor offer is brilliant, isn't it? We must spread the word grin

My referral link is this !

Would love to be able to use the referral credit to get the buffalo wash bag.

mrshansolo Fri 02-Sep-16 17:02:44

Here is mine, thanks to anyone who wants to use it.

Freezingtoes Fri 02-Sep-16 19:38:54

I would really appreciate someone using my link - not having much luck!

Thank you so much to anyone who does.

inneedofchocolate Fri 02-Sep-16 20:01:15

Could someone please use my link? It's
Thanks x

Freezingtoes Fri 02-Sep-16 20:14:44

Thank you so much to the kind person who used my link 😀

livinginhope87 Fri 02-Sep-16 20:45:12 Any one left needing one?!? Thank you.

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