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10 year old boys!

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giraffesarefab Mon 29-Aug-16 21:35:50

Ds1 has just bought himself a wii u with his birthday money and has already given me a list of games, (but these will be farmed out to family), I know he'd love the Dan TDM book but I'm utterly stumped!
He already has a bike and a scooter (new to him but not new), he likes watching stampylongnose videos on YouTube, mine craft, quite sporty but not one in particular.

What are yours having? He's at that stage where it's not so much "toys" but rather "stuff"!

Haudyerwheesht Mon 29-Aug-16 21:51:36

Haven't really thought yet tbh, ds turns 10 at Xmas. I've been putting things on an Amazon list for him though as reminders. Some ideas off there ...

Den kit
Pokemon cards
View master virtual reality set
Drone / remote control helicopter
Expand a ball
Agility hurdles
Jamie Johnson books

OvO Tue 30-Aug-16 00:25:06

Mine aren't 10 but are almost 9 and 12.

Eldest is into Pokemon so will buy badges, baseball cap, plushies, and pokeballs (or whatever they're called). He's also sporty and last year we bought a rebounder net - it's good as he can play/practice without needing anyone else there. He's never been much for toys but does like kits - craft kits, or science stuff.

My youngest is still into toys and this year it's all about monster stuff. I've bought scary figures - The Mummy, The Creature From The Black Lagoon etc. Also bought the boxset of films (B&W!) which he'll love - loves a good scare! Will also get more schleich dinosaurs as they're never not popular. Star Wars and Star Trek will also feature heavily in his Christmas.

Did you know you can get stampylongnose pyjamas? I bought some for my youngest as he's minecraft mad.

jakesmommy Tue 30-Aug-16 06:12:22

My eldest will be 9 at Christmas, turns 10 in February, he wants lots of Pokemon Collector Cards which I have put to my basket on Amazon, he also wants a desk for his room as he is moving into a bigger room so will be getting him that, other than that I am getting him a Nintendo 2DS and a Razor Rip Rider plus lots of stationary

ineedamoreadultieradult Tue 30-Aug-16 06:35:24

DS is 9 but much the same as doesn't play with toys. He he all the big things like xbox, bike, scooter etc I have so far got him a kitvision splash which is basically a Gopro but lots cheaper, this was about £30 so he can attach it to his bike or scooter or himself and make videos to put on YouTube etc. He will also be getting a headset for the xbox and some personalised footie boots.

DubiousCredentials Tue 30-Aug-16 07:22:31

My ds will be 10 after Xmas but is still asking for Lego. He also wants a ps vita, remote control aeroplane thing, a metal detector, he'd prob like new Nerf guns.

The kit vision looks amazing for £30. Might get one for dh grin

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