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Traditional/wooden toys for 16 month old

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Equimum Mon 29-Aug-16 08:33:17

DS2 will be 16 months at Christmas. We live traditional and wooden toys but can't really think what to get him. We also have a three year old, so already have hammering benches, shape sorters, stacking toys, lots of piecing puzzles, chunky vehicles, wooden blocks, sandpit, water tray, playhouse etc. For later stages we also have wooden diggers, a garage, a pirate ship, train set......DS2 has also just had his birthday and received a beautiful ride-on, a messy play tray, wooden bus.

So far, I am considering a Grimms rainbow, but unsure how much it would be played with. Does anyone have any other suggestions of toys your little ones have loved st this stage.

(Disclaimer: the grandparents ensure we have plenty of noisy, colourful plastic tat too!)

villainousbroodmare Mon 29-Aug-16 08:34:45

Rocking horse?

Equimum Mon 29-Aug-16 08:38:01

Thanks Villain, but sorry, I forgot that the boys have DHs old rocking horse. Otherwise that would have been a great idea.

I've also just thought, we also have a play kitchen (as that would be my suggestion if I was answering this thread).

JassyRadlett Mon 29-Aug-16 08:38:26

DS1 got this red bus when he was 15 months and loved it, DS2 loves it as well and it's been very sturdy.

JasperDamerel Mon 29-Aug-16 08:44:21

Playsilks. I dyed some from Dharma trading for DC2 when he was 15 months and my dad thought I was crazy, but they have been one of the most played with toys my children have. They take up very little space, but get used all the time. The DC are now 9 and 6 and they get played with every week. Fancy dress, den making, dressing dolls, creating scenery and landscapes for make believe games, hammocks for teddies, swirly things for dancing with, peekaboo accessory, tickling device...Visiting babies also love them.

Mycraneisfixed Mon 29-Aug-16 09:17:11

What is a playsilk?

Equimum Mon 29-Aug-16 10:22:36

Thank-you everyone. I like the idea of the playsilks Jasper. I think my bigger one will love those too.

Jassy, that is exactly the bus we have just given DS for his birthday. I am really glad to hear that it has been a already seems popular with both my boys.

JassyRadlett Mon 29-Aug-16 10:58:25

grin Four years and still going strong in our house!

BikeRunSki Mon 29-Aug-16 11:00:22

My DC still play with that bus at very nearly 5 and 8. 😄

IsItMeOr Mon 29-Aug-16 12:34:04

DS used to love playing with this wooden fire station in the toy shop (mean mummy got him a doll house instead, which he didn't really play with much).

I always think the toys here look beautiful.

JasperDamerel Mon 29-Aug-16 14:38:41

Play silks are basically big squares of silk dyed in a variety of colours that children can use to play with in lots of different ways. You can buy them for lots of money, or dye plain silk for cheaper.

MrsCK Mon 29-Aug-16 21:45:58

Have a look on loads of ideas there!!!

Onlyonce Mon 29-Aug-16 22:08:00

What about a set of skittles? Or an easel? Wooden pull along toy? I've seen some wooden things in Wilkinson's. Got my dd some animal threading beads in there. Or an ark with all the animals?

Equimum Tue 30-Aug-16 08:08:16

Thank-you MrsCK, there are some gorgeous things on that site.

I like the idea of an ark Once. Thank-you

BikeRunSki Tue 30-Aug-16 08:28:44

Have a look at Tractor Ted. Nice wooden farm toys, about the size of the plastic Bob the Builder vehicles. Other stuff too, and I think there's s Dvd, but my DC just played with the tractor and trailer as stand alone toys.

Ceaser1981 Sat 03-Sep-16 17:37:21

Not sure if age appropriate but i noticed the works had a lot of wooden toys the other day

paxillin Sat 03-Sep-16 17:39:26

We have the red bus from Hamleys. Still being played with aged 8.

Equimum Sat 03-Sep-16 19:26:29

Thanks Ceasar, I'll have a look (maybe something for my older one).

Glad to hear the red buses are such a good purchase.

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Sat 03-Sep-16 19:59:18

Grimms's rainbow
Lanka kade or holtziger animals
Noah ark
Wooden tractor
Wonder world and hape are two ethical wooden toy brands and reasonable prices

Also check out

(We too love wooden toys ds2 is 21mths)

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Sat 03-Sep-16 20:01:27

Ds1 had the pintoy fire station engine and people for 3rd bday (brought second hand still expensive though) and he plays with it still at 6 and ds2 art 21mths plays with it too.

CakeAndChocolate Sat 03-Sep-16 20:16:54

What about a dolls house? You can get lots of gender neutral ones now so it doesn't have to be all frilly and pink. Your older DS would probably enjoy it too.

Equimum Sun 04-Sep-16 09:48:07

eastmids would you say the fire engine/ station would be worth getting for a child of this age? I always covetted it for DS1 but never got it and had thought about DS2s second birthday.

If he might play with it before then, though, it'd be a nice balance at Christmas, as DS1 is having a huge castle.

heymammy Sun 04-Sep-16 10:16:24

I can highly recommend a wooden dolls house, it's the one thing that the Dc and their friends make a beeline for.

We have a ten year old Sue Ryder one with amazing wooden & porcelain furniture (thank you GPs) which mostly gets set up in various combinations then used for their sylvanian families.

heymammy Sun 04-Sep-16 10:20:42

I should probably add that when my eldest dc were very young we bought chunkier wooden furniture from Elc and saved the fancy breakable furniture for when they were older...big mistake, it didn't get played with until we got the original furniture out.

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Sun 04-Sep-16 16:09:47

Yes certainly for 2yr old we have just hidden the walkie talkie as its v tiny and 21mth old mouths odd bits still

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