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Stocking ideas for 15 month girl

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Marmite27 Sat 27-Aug-16 14:25:52

I know what I'm getting DD for Christmas, Thomas wooden train set (and another engine), plus a box of duplo and some books. Her DF has bought her a Happy Land play set.

I have a plan to do an advent box this year and for years to come, (nothing special decoration wise, just to separate it from general Christmas stuff so we can put our hands on it easily on the 1st) I'm going to put an advent calendar in, she has a collection of Christmas ornaments, so one of those, all the Christmas books (my mum bought Santa needs a wee last year!). Will also include Christmas mugs and teddies.

Plus a Christmas Eve box, pjs, DVD, FC treat plate, but I'm stuck stocking wise, I have one, but other than an orange and some milky bar buttons, I'm stuck! Does anyone have any ideas for small, cheap stocking fillers?

dlwelly Sat 27-Aug-16 14:29:44

The organix gingerbread men?

Anything small and wrapped she'll love, even if it's something she has everyday! A tube of nappy cream, a new dummy, a pack of wipes, some socks, a new plate/bowl, a bath toy, a sponge, some Christmas bibs...

MiddleClassProblem Sat 27-Aug-16 14:31:23

Have you considered putting the duplo or some of it in her stocking?

Board books or "that's not my" books, a small soft toy, happyland characters, maracas, toy food, tea set. Just have a look at elc/mothercare/toysrus etc and see what comes up under a £10 and get a pack of some things. It'll be so much easier as time goes on!

kimlo Sat 27-Aug-16 14:33:56

Chunky chalks and crayons.

Marmite27 Sat 27-Aug-16 14:37:20

We love the 'that's not my' books have several already and two more for her birthday!

I have a suspicion she's only going to be interested in the paper anyway, so I don't think it matters (except to me) what's in there, I've spotted a happy land Forrest animals set, so will probably get that, and maybe a toot toot vehicle and a duck for the bath!

Marmite27 Sat 27-Aug-16 14:43:21

There's a happy land nativity, I cand see her event box expanding before my eyes grin still hopefully it'll stop her trying to get at my Willow Tree nativity (and pigs may fly...)

Ladybirdturd Sat 27-Aug-16 14:51:22

Bubbles and bath crayons were a big hit with dd1 at that age

NotPennysBoat Sat 27-Aug-16 22:36:37

Toothbrush, hair clips & bobbles, character socks, small bath toys, dummies, cutlery set, character flannel, a fizzy/glittery bath bomb, fun bibs, bobble hat/gloves.

SpringerS Sat 27-Aug-16 23:24:43

If she's anything like my DS was at that age, a pair of toilet roll inserts. I remember him sat in the middle of a huge pile of toys, playing with toilet roll inserts he found in the bathroom bin and delightedly brought to the livingroom. grin

Real answer, little jigsaws like these are great if her stocking is big enough. DS got some that Christmas and really liked them. (Once he got over the toilet roll inserts.)

Wayfarersonbaby Sun 28-Aug-16 01:22:35

Small soft toy
finger puppet/s
chunky crayons - check out ELC
light up bath ducks (Tiger normally have some in before Christmas, and Hawkin's bazaar sometimes have them)
another bath toy - Ikea have a good boat for £3; munchkin do a bubble submarine which is fun
wooden Woody the worm (JL have these, also museum shops and so on)
age-appropriate CBeebies magazine?
stickers? (don't know if your DD has got to the age for stickers yet)
sachet of bath crackles (Cussons? Boots have these for £1 in the baby toiletries section)
hair clips
fluffy socks
Baby organix do Christmas selection boxes of their baby biscuits etc nearer the time - DD got one when she was about 2 and then DH actually ate most of it still fuming!

Ikea and Tiger have great small items.

Wayfarersonbaby Sun 28-Aug-16 01:24:30

Oh and ELC/Mothercare often do a lucky dip single Happyland figure for about £2 close to Christmas.

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