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Ultimate buffet?

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Awoof Mon 22-Aug-16 08:01:31

I've hosted Christmas day before but this year its my turn to do the Grand Boxing Day Buffet smile
Basically all the family and kids pile in one house for a day of snacking and games.
What would you all like to see/would serve at your dream buffet?
I have one veggie, one person who likes very basic plain food, a few toddlers and a few who are into spicey food.
There will of course be Christmassy bits, cold meats etc but its all the extra bits I'm lacking inspiration for.
Also will be a separate dessert/cheese section in the evening. blushgrin
Any ideas/recipes greatly appreciated!

GastonsPomPomWrath Mon 22-Aug-16 09:28:02

Ooo watching this with interest. We're thinking of something similar this year.

Wait4nothing Mon 22-Aug-16 11:32:55

Best buffets include:
Cheap frozen sausage rolls (warm)
Egg Mayo sarnies
Naice tempura style prawns
Many dip options (garlic mayo, sweet chillie sauce, something hot)
Indian selection stuff
Range of breads

For evening cheeseboard style buffet:
Cooked Brie/Camembert
Part baked rolls
Tuc crackers
Hovis biscuits
Onion chutney
Strong cheddar

LadyMonicaBaddingham Mon 22-Aug-16 11:38:19

Cheese and pineapple on sticks.
Cocktail Sausages
Sausage Rolls
Plateful of vegetable sticks
Little sandwiches:
Egg Mayo
Tuna & Cucumber
Coronation Chicken

I like a retro cheese ball too, with crackers alongside

OhTheRoses Mon 22-Aug-16 11:49:22

I do this every year, but do Xmas Eve and Xmas Day too so have the cold meats but Boxing Day can be up to 12.

Cold sliced ham and turkey and any stuffing that's about
Plate of continental meats
Dish of Italian roast potatoes (olive oil, black pepper, salt, parmesan and oregano - spuds sliced about 1/3 inch thick)
Pickles and antipasto
Green salad (leaves, cucumber, pepper with spring onions on the side)
Tomato salad with cherry toms, mozzarella pearls black olives and basil

If I have vegetarians coming I make a quiche, usually mushroom and emmenthal.

Christmas cake
Fruit salad or Trifle (I do Delia')
Cheeseboard and black grapes

SideOrderofChip Mon 22-Aug-16 17:18:32

Cheese and pineapple hedge hog

ohidoliketobe Mon 22-Aug-16 17:22:04

We do christmas dinner on a stick - skewer with a chunk of Turkey, a pig in blanket, stuffing ball, roast potato and a sprout, jug of gravy as a dipping sauce.

PixieMiss Mon 22-Aug-16 17:37:40

That tomato salad sounds amazing Roses <drools>

I'm a sucker for old fashioned buffet items - scotch eggs, little sausages, vol au vents etc.

Perhaps throw in some samosas, chicken satay etc. for the spice lovers!

Awoof Mon 22-Aug-16 19:00:53

Love the Xmas dinner on a stick idea!!
Amazing everyone thankyou ☺

FeelingSmurfy Mon 22-Aug-16 19:17:14

Onion bhaji / samosa / pakora
Tesco do nice frozen vegan mini sausage rolls
Baked potatoes

becciandbump Mon 22-Aug-16 19:26:52

I'm due to have my baby just before Christmas and my ultimate Christmas buffet would include Brie and lots of it, red wine , dippy eggs, pate and all the things ive been avoiding to date . Roll on Christmas!

Glitterspy Mon 22-Aug-16 19:34:37

Let me see now. Smoked salmon blinis, crostini with pate/soft blue cheese and little toppings, little cheese scones with soft cheese and anchovy, mini anything (burgers,pies,slices of pizza), big bowls of green salad, cous cous salad (could make that spicy), tabbouleh, a cob loaf (trust me just google it), a poached salmon side, new potato salad, a big dish of pulled pork, a winter slaw, lots of pickles - onions, cornichons, walnuts, cabbage. Lots of naice bread and butter, mayo and condiments. Lots of soft drinks - there are loads of recipes for them on Guardian website - for people who've had enough booze the day before.

Mmmmmm I love a buffet!

featherpillow Mon 22-Aug-16 21:12:04

My favourite thing on a buffet is Nigella's sticky cocktail sausages.

Like pp said, mini anything. Always seems like a treat. And warm sausage rolls.

Sandwiches with proper slices of meat - not from a packet.
Chicken satay or goujons
Pasta with pesto & cashew nuts
Bread with oils.

BikeRunSki Mon 22-Aug-16 21:24:57


GeekyWombat Mon 22-Aug-16 21:27:46

I'm totally stealing the Christmas dinner on a stick idea for our Boxing Day buffet.

Also, really love cheap frozen sausage rolls warm from the oven. The first year I went to DH's family for Boxing Day his mum very sweetly bought some posh pre-made naice M&S sausage rolls so I'd feel at home. Just not the same (I fully concede I'm common and basically just like hot puff pastry ;))

DandelionAndBedrock Mon 22-Aug-16 21:31:58

We always have a chocolate roulade/Yule log type cakey pudding. Start on Christmas Day for those who won't eat Christmas pudding, finish off on Boxing Day.

Piniatapearl Mon 22-Aug-16 21:53:35

Loaded potato skins with cheese and bacon
Cheese and pineapple hedgehog is a must
Homemade pasties and sausage rolls
Pigs in blankets

We usually have a little buffet on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. I'm thinking about changing one of them to an afternoon tea this year, possibly Boxing Day so we can use the leftover meat to make sandwiches.

RainIsAGoodThing Mon 22-Aug-16 22:00:33

I'm veggie! My go tos when I'm putting on a buffet: Vegetable spring rolls and samosas (M&S do a good selection). Homemade cheese straws. Mini jacket potatoes (aka baked new potatoes) with different fillings. Pitta bread, houmous, tzatziki, other dips. Loads of salad.

DearMrDilkington Mon 22-Aug-16 22:08:00

Those small cheese and onion rolls
& cocktail sausages!grin

TheHammaconda Wed 31-Aug-16 13:59:41

Cheese and marmite whirls - sheet of puff pastry, spread with marmite and covered with grated cheese, roll up into a swiss roll, slice and bake in the oven.
Cheese straws
Blinies with thinly sliced roast beef (rare), creme fraiche and horseradish

RumAppleGinger Wed 31-Aug-16 15:44:55

Love the Christmas dinner on a stick idea. Last year I made left overs pie. Lined a dish with puff pasty mixed turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, sprouts and carrots in gravy as a filling, topped it with pastry. You could make them small and cute as all buffet food should be.

A1Sharon Wed 31-Aug-16 17:24:53

If anyone has the time or inclination, Delia does lovely sausage rolls, in her christmas book.
I always make them before Christmas and freeze in batches to have for lazy evenings/unexpected visitors.
One Christmas the Tesco delivery guy arrived just as I was taking them out of the oven, he was delighted with his Christmas bonus,grin.

Awoof Wed 31-Aug-16 17:47:57

Cheese and marmite whirls sound bloody amazing!

Cloudybutwarm Wed 31-Aug-16 18:33:36

Nothing constructive to add, I'm just busy drooling!

TheImprobableGirl Wed 31-Aug-16 18:56:12

What about a centrepiece of a Camembert hedgehog

I also love a chicken skewer thing, samosa/curry puff, gammon/roast ham sandwiches, cheese and pineapple, chutney on its own jacket potatoes with the middles scooped out, mixed with cheese and chorizo (or cheese and onion for veggies) and put back in, sprinkled with cheese and grilled mmmm

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