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1 year old

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themumfairy Sun 21-Aug-16 22:19:44

What does/did your 1 year old like best.

Dd will be 1 in jan so need some ideas. Keepsakes and toys

Merinocool Mon 22-Aug-16 12:22:53

Mine isn't 1 for a couple of months yet so I'm following this. I'm thinking of getting one of those big activity cubes with the spiral things and beads on top as she absolutely loves playing with those, and a push along walker that you can put blocks in as she likes filling and emptying things. After that I'm stuck.

TodayCrosbyToday Mon 22-Aug-16 13:49:51

Merino DD2 had an activity cube last Christmas and now at 18 months old she still loves it- she is obsessed with the beads on the spirals! We got ours from Early Learning Centre on a good deal if I remember correctly.

Mumfairy DD2 had a rocking horse for her first Christmas (she was about 10 months) which 4 years on both DDs like playing with. What about a nice ragdoll- could be a toy and a keepsake? Smart trike? Scuttlebug type thing (We have an ELC whirly instead) or Cozy Coupee?

Both DDs also had Duplo and Happyland from about that age too - Happyland especially is a big hit here!

apatheticfallacy Mon 22-Aug-16 13:55:52

The activity cube is a great idea. The fisher price bounce n spin zebra is great too. An aquadoodle is another fantastic choice but you'll probably get more out of it at around 18 months.

Musical instruments (toy ones obviously) are a big hit here, as are the stacking cups and the duplo.

His favourite thing in the world is the Tupperware cupboard though so I wouldn't spend too much money...

MrsA2 Mon 22-Aug-16 14:26:40

We got the ikea kitchen at around 12 months. I thought it might get ignored for years, and to be honest she only really started 'cooking' close to 2yrs old but loved pressing the hobs on and off, opening and shutting the doors and putting things into them from the start. There weren't that many toys, other than books, that she really was that fussed by at 1. Stacking cups have always been a winner if you don't have those already, shape sorters too.

Trike has had hardly any interest here - but I know loads of kids who loved them.

VanellopeVonSchweetz99 Mon 22-Aug-16 19:56:52

I second kitchen-stuff toys. DS & DD both loved small, realistic looking cooking pots and pans at 1. We got them plastic sets from amazon, the metal ones can be a bit bang-y.

The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Pretty Please Tea Set was another massive hit, in fact DD still plays with it 5 years later.

themumfairy Wed 24-Aug-16 15:55:51

Thank you all, didnt even think of an activity cube so ill definitely look into that.
A nice ragdoll would be lovely too.
I would rather spend a bit extra and less good quality toys than a load of plastic rubbish.
Ds1 and ds2 are now 9 and 7 and i can't remember what they had and were in to.
Her birthday is in January and i was going to get her summer/garden stuff then and just put it up ready.

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Wed 24-Aug-16 19:32:47

Ds2 was 1 last Nov and he got a lot toot toot for Xmas and bday however over the past 6-9mths we have got rid of a lot of plastic amdf starting buying wooden toys and he loves them I recommend hape, wonder world, Grimms, Lanka kade and holtziger. (Babipur, Amazon and eBay )

attheendoftheday Wed 24-Aug-16 19:46:59

A wheelybug and the happyland bus were big hits for us at that age. Both are still in use 3 years on.

Lovelydiscusfish Fri 26-Aug-16 22:11:59

Happyland stuff will last for ages!
The Ikea rocking moose is also good.

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