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Inspire me - What do you want for Christmas? Especially non-stuff stuff.

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ExAstris Wed 17-Aug-16 16:31:04

DH is despairing as to what to get me for Christmas. I've been doing Marie Kondo so really don't want more stuff, though I guess if I can figure out a really nice version of something to replace an inferior version I already have that might work. DH finds it too hard to precisely get my taste/size for jewellery or clothes, and although there are lots of books I want I have so little time to read atm I have a backlog that will take me a year to get through so no more books yet! Things like toiletries or event tickets are bought from joint money anyway so aren't a present from him to me, IYSWIM.

I have a couple of DVDs on my list, a camera case, and a beautiful teapot. Bit stuck other than that, and lots of people will be asking.

So, what are you wanting for Christmas?

TheImprobableGirl Wed 17-Aug-16 16:51:15

I have some big and small things I would like for Christmas...
A new Viktor and rolf flower bomb pefume as dd2 dropped mine sad
A case for my MacBook Air (for my birthday in December squee)
A huge white company winter candle
Some lush bits and pieces
A magazine subscription
Replacement bits of benefit makeup

How about a film subscription service? Something like lovefilm etc. Or an iPad type tablet? Some usable things like candles or picture frames or framed prints of something you love?

mumbathing Wed 17-Aug-16 16:56:44

I would love a DSLR camera but they are £££££ so I would love currys/John Lewis vouchers to go towards one.

SideOrderofChip Wed 17-Aug-16 17:35:30

a horse


Jayne266 Wed 17-Aug-16 17:38:23

I would like another watch but dh is talking about getting my car radio set up so I can use my Ipod in the car.

Kathysclown Wed 17-Aug-16 18:11:27

A subscription with Bloom and Wild to receive flowers every month.......

A1Sharon Wed 17-Aug-16 18:29:41

Some lamp bases from Susie Watson.
Doorstop and china to add to collection from Sophie Allport.
Voucher for my beautician so I can have nails/massge done when I fancy it.
A gorgeous,expensive new throw, that I wouldn't buy for myself.
Some new Waterford glasses.

JasperDamerel Wed 17-Aug-16 18:43:09

The flower subscription idea is lovely. Non-stuff I would like would be:

A meal out at a lovely restaurant.

Swing dancing lessons

A subscription to the LRB or New Yorker (sort of stuff, I admit)

Theatre vouchers

Cinema membership

Museum membership

A fabulous haircut

Plants for the garden

Sugru to fix the stuff I already have

A day by myself in London to go and look at art

Tickets to a festival

A special meal at home

Someone to look after the children while we go on a long walk and have lunch in a pub

Spanish lessons

Stuff that is actually useful and that I need, eg socks, bras, power tools.

Stuff that will be consumed quickly eg chocolate, gin, whisky, wine, wasabi peas.

OrlandaFuriosa Wed 17-Aug-16 18:45:31

Very very boringly,

Replacements for my saucepans

A dozen John Lewis linen glass cloths, so much better than any other drying up cloth

The John Lewis double cotton ( coarse) oven gloves, (so much better than foam inserts), or the silicone equivalents

My favourite scent, £112 for 100 ml

Continuing my friend status of a number of art galleries

Rejoining the RHS, When you get a gardening magazine ( that you can offload onto the doctor or dentist) and priority booking.

A weekend away, eg to a hotel du vin,

My fave soap.

Best present I ever gave anyone was a flight in a tiger moth.

jennyblonde82 Wed 17-Aug-16 18:47:28

I'm focusingn on things that will give me joy too this year:

Aromatherapy associates bath oil
Smythson correspondence cards
S'well water bottle
Fornasetti candle
Dempsey and Dempsey pyjamas

ExAstris Thu 18-Aug-16 07:36:13

Oooh, lots of good ideas!

I have added a leather jacket, with trip to city to choose.
Love the flower subscription idea, and a case for my phone, and vouchers to have eyelash extensions done again - had them for my wedding best part of a decade ago and they looked fab, really natural.

Marmite27 Thu 18-Aug-16 07:39:59

National trust couples membership. DC all under 5 so free.

BikeRunSki Thu 18-Aug-16 07:47:51

New bottle of "my" perfume
Premier Inn vouchers for weekends away to new places
Kindle vouchers
Cashmere jumper
New cycling jersey and shorts
Nice black leather belt (I have 1 belt, a brown one, and I spend hours swaping it between clothes).

I very much like this idea of presents for "people who have everything" being a very nice version of something they use all the time.

anyoldname76 Tue 23-Aug-16 19:23:06

one of my favourite presents last year was a photo book. he put a lot of effort into choosing the best photos and i loved it.

ExAstris Tue 23-Aug-16 20:07:44

Anyoldname76 one of my favourite presents from years ago was when DH took a load of photos of my gorgeous dog to the university print shop and had a photo calendar made. T'was lovely.

Wayfarersonbaby Thu 25-Aug-16 00:17:14

Hmm, I always find it difficult to make a Christmas list! Inevitably when relatives ask me I say I don't know, then I get round to making a list about 23rd Dec when everyone's bought me stuff I don't want/need.

This year I am on a diet, and hoping to have reached one of my target points for Christmas, so I wonder whether clothes would be nice....but then I already have loads of lovely things from when I was last rather a bit thinner!

I always like:
Prada parfum d'Iris perfume
A novel I want to read (and then don't get round to reading for months)
A massage - though in my experience if you ask for a massage people say they'll buy you one and it never materialises hmm

I think I might like:
Some new makeup
New pillows, just some cheap ones. That's not really a Christmassy present, though, is it? grin
A framed print for the house

DelphiniumBlue Thu 25-Aug-16 00:19:57

It's August. How do you guys know what you will want in 4 months time?

Wayfarersonbaby Thu 25-Aug-16 00:33:44

Delphinium I don't have very elaborate tastes/wants! And not much spare cash so I often mentally put things I want/need onto my Christmas list in the second half of the year.

DelphiniumBlue Thu 25-Aug-16 00:52:54

Thanks for your answer Wayfarer. I just can't imagine how I will feel so far ahead, can't picture what clothes or jewelry I might be wearing or want to wear in December. Haven't identified the gaps yet!

BaggyCheeks Thu 25-Aug-16 10:14:28

Delphinium I go with stuff that I would love to have/do but can't justify spending on myself when my shopping is normally to make sure the children have everything they need.

So this year, my wish list is so far:

* Kleen Canteen because I can't justify spending £15 on a water bottle usually.
* A magazine subscription/voucher for lots of coffee.

quince2figs Wed 31-Aug-16 23:13:42

Dh /me started buying each other courses for our birthdays a few years ago, as just trying to cut down on so much STUFF in the house, plus we get a day/2 days where we are not at work and are not doing dog and childcare!
I have had cookery (River Cottage, bread making), gardening and am shortly to do dressmaking/sewing crash course. Dh has done black smithing, wood carving, hedge laying and pottery.
Helps if you are a couple of old hippies like us, clearly - I can see would not be to everyone's taste.
Feels indulgent though, especially if involves a night away on one's own in peace!

HollyBollyBooBoo Thu 01-Sep-16 04:39:43

Such a great thread - very inspiring!

7Days Thu 01-Sep-16 06:15:50

Brilliant idea quince

Crystalline Thu 01-Sep-16 11:03:07

Quince sounds great, are there any sites which list courses like this?

Noseypoke Thu 01-Sep-16 11:32:18

I'd like a georg jensen christmas tree star and a global breadknife to replace the cheap one that DH has blunted by cutting foam with ithmm.

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