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Best presents for a 6 month old

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verytiredmummy1 Sun 14-Aug-16 04:04:30

What would you recommend for a six month old? X

ILikeThatSong123 Sun 14-Aug-16 05:32:31

Teething ring, soft comfort blanket, a toy that has mirror and music etc? , type of small toys that are sold in Boots, bath book, outfit.

BathshebaDarkstone Sun 14-Aug-16 05:37:35

My first Christmas t-shirt, Christmas bibs as weaning should be on the horizon, shape sorter, stacking cups.

VioletBam Sun 14-Aug-16 05:38:28

I recommend something they can grow into. I had someone give my DD a set of lovely soft skittles and balls.

DorotheaHomeAlone Sun 14-Aug-16 05:54:54

We got given a piece of marathon blanket when dd was that age. The shiny foil stuff you get at the end of a race. It was far and away the most popular thing we owned for a few months. Crinkly, sparkly and fairly indestructible. Also light and easy to transport.

redcaryellowcar Sun 14-Aug-16 05:58:35

Small paddling pool and lots of plastic balls to fill it with (not water!) or you can buy pop up ball pools. Pop up crawl through tunnel? Treasure basket? Wooden peg puzzles, you can get simple ones with just three or four shapes? Bath toys are also good fun?

PurpleCrazyHorse Sun 14-Aug-16 06:06:12

We got some soft plastic squishy blocks for DS and he still loves them (14mo)

B One Two Squeeze

BikeRunSki Sun 14-Aug-16 06:21:23

We got DS a nice toy box (cheapy pine Argos one) and a few "Lamaze" and "Whoozit" type toys. The toys are long gone now he's nearly 8, but the box has been really handy fur dressing up and games.

liquidrevolution Mon 15-Aug-16 12:19:54

DD got a walker car thingy from my parents. She loved it for about 5 months.

Other than that we got her a load of grow and play bits half price from Sainsburys in their October sale, stacking cups etc for her stocking.

They dont need a lot at that age grin

liquidrevolution Mon 15-Aug-16 12:22:39

ooh just remembered the fisher price buckets were a big hit and DD still plays with them now. They are a good size for toddler putting things in and carrying and can be used in the bath or sandpit.

buckets on amazon

Uphegoesdownhegoes Mon 15-Aug-16 12:26:34

We got DC a highchair! V. Practical.

verytiredmummy1 Tue 16-Aug-16 09:30:54

Great ideas thank you so much. Have added lots to my list smile xx

Merinocool Mon 22-Aug-16 12:29:34

My 9 month old loves, those fisher price eggs in a box, fisher price cookie jar, lift flap books, stacking cups, Sophie giraffe, toy phone with musical buttons, squirty bath toys.

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