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Cinema releases for Christmas 2016

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TheBriscoesLady Mon 08-Aug-16 13:03:52

Anyone know what's coming out? Would love to take the children on the last day of term (half day) if there is something good coming out in November or December. Last year's offering was rubbish (Peanuts) but the year before we saw Paddington which was great. Have tried doing a search but can't get any definitive information...

Jessica78 Mon 08-Aug-16 13:55:19

Significant releases are Fantastic Beasts and where to find them (Harry Potter spin off w Eddie Redmayne) Rogue One (Star Wars) and Miss Peregrines etc (out Boxing Day)
I think there's also a new Disney - Moana - though I'm not sure how Christmassy it is...

TheBriscoesLady Mon 08-Aug-16 21:23:20

Great, thanks!

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