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Leap pad 3

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Selfsestructactive Thu 28-Jul-16 15:23:09

Hi, I'm thinking of getting dd who will be just turned 3 one of these for xmas... Have any of you got one or any opinions on them? Thanks 😊

Lilicat1013 Fri 29-Jul-16 23:41:48

My son has had various Leappads, he is autistic so gets a bit obsessive with electronic toys.

We haven't had the Leappad 3 currently have the Leappad Ultra and Leappad Epic. The Ultra replaces the Leappad 2 which I was very happy with, it was virtually indestructable which I liked as both my boys are autistic so it got some rough treatment. We had it for years and it survived being dropped, thrown, falling down the stairs etc so it is great in that sense and I assume the 3 is similar.

The indestructible nature is really it's biggest plus as it is much slower than having a children's tablet and the games/apps are more expensive. I do like knowing it is totally safe and he can't run up huge bills on it. I have all child safety features on the Ipad and in app purchasing turned off but I still worry as he is older and getting good at getting round stuff.

We use a mixture of cartridge games and apps. The apps are good because you can use them across a variety of Leapfrog products if you have other children, they can be a pain to install though if Leapfrog Connect is feeling temperamental. Cartridge games are good quality with lots of options, they are also often cheap from Amazon or you can get them second hand from eBay.

I'm not really able to recommend how age suitable it would be as neither of my children are typically developing so I'm less sure of what a typically developing three year old is able to do. My older son did get the Leappad 2 when he was about three, he didn't have much language at that point and couldn't follow the verbal instructions it gives so just worked everything out by trial and error and seemed happy with that.

I would recommend the Leappad 3 or the Ultra if you have no expectations of it working like a tablet. I think it is fun for children but if they are used to an iPad or similar they might be less interested as they are used to something more responsive.

The Epic though is complete crap, I hate the thing. It annoys me in every way possible and was hell to set up so I would recommend avoiding that one, it also doesn't take the cartridge games.

If you do go for it it is worth setting it up a before you give it to them so it is ready to go, it can take longer than you expect if Leapfrog Connect is playing up.

Selfsestructactive Fri 05-Aug-16 13:44:20

Thanks for replying, I decided to go for a kids tablet in the end, reduced online from over 100 to 50... She's used to watching YouTube so I thought that might be a safer option for that... Fingers crossed!

Lilicat1013 Fri 12-Aug-16 23:38:45

That's a bargain, I'm sure she will enjoy it and it will definitely be better for You Tube.

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