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How much have you got done

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wobblywonderwoman Mon 25-Jul-16 16:22:10

Not normally as organised as like the buzz of shopping in December but we have two immediate family weddings and our first family holiday in the next six months to pay for.

So I cracked on. I bought two ride on toys in January last year (I have a one and two year old so no lists yet) down to 30 pound each. They are gorgeous. Retail at nearly 100 so saved a lot.

I have three nephews - bought them three for two on Argos today (really great offers) also got stocking fillers in pound land and local toy shops (playdoh, crayons, dvds, figurines and lovely building blocks that look like people )

I have my brother and wife to buy for (joint thing but haven't a clue - maybe restaurant voucher or next voucher ) my parents

Dh gives money to his side of the family and I don't really get involved

How are you getting on ?

dementedpixie Mon 25-Jul-16 19:27:28

I just don't think about it as early as this tbh

DoubleCarrick Mon 25-Jul-16 19:29:18

I'm wondering whether I should start planning for Christmas! Our first baby is due 9th Jan so I'm not sure whether I'll feel like organising Xmas closer to the time! I doubt it'll get me motivated though and I'll probably do it in December regardless grin

HowToProceed Mon 25-Jul-16 19:37:51

i've started saving for the dc's laptops. and i have started putting things on my save list on amazon. thats about it so far though

maisyanddaisy Mon 25-Jul-16 19:46:51

I've ordered a couple of books for the kids, but just because I saw them and didn't want to forget about them! I did feel a bit insane ordering stuff this early tho! I usually have a burst of activity in October, feel smug, then on about the 20th December realise I've still got loads to get.

Paperblank Mon 25-Jul-16 20:35:29

I bought four presents and a stocking filler today. Dobbies have a sale on and I bought presents for my three aunts and my sister. I'm all systems go now. I will start the spreadsheet tomorrow fgrin

SimplyNigella Mon 25-Jul-16 20:37:12

I have a year round spreadsheet which starts as ideas and links and then progresses to definite gifts with colour codes for ordered, arrived and wrapped. I've made plenty of progress and have bought quite a bit for DS which is unusual as I don't usually start until September but I've found some great deals.

OvO Mon 25-Jul-16 20:54:45

I have all the stocking stuff for both DC. Also have a small pile of presents for my youngest. My eldest would like a laptop so leaving that closer to Christmas.

I've started on the advent boxes and Christmas Eve boxes now. fblush. I'm not usually so organised but my DC have plenty so will be buying a lot less this year so now my brain is free to think of the boxes instead of bargain hunting.

I'm painting the boxes myself so need time to get the designs right and time to do the actual painting.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 25-Jul-16 21:23:29

I start saving my £2 coins as soon as I open the previous tin (usually end Nov). And I save my Nectar Points all year
I've bought some Christmas socks for DD so that's a start fgrin

I'm watching Christmas in July on QVC but bought nothing so far

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 25-Jul-16 21:25:09

Oh Oh , I have this years Christmas Pudding (I made 2 last year)

RhinestoneCowgirl Mon 25-Jul-16 21:27:30

I'm watching a Christmas episode of Community on Netflix. Does that count? grin

ChipsCheeseandIrnBru Mon 25-Jul-16 21:32:13

Say what now?

Christmas? Has it been moved?! I thought it was in December.... <panics>

I'm very impressed by you folk! So organised. I can't keep presents, I get too excited and need to give them so it's November shopping for me!

CharleyDavidson Mon 25-Jul-16 21:45:48

I have some books that MIL wants. I have given her some for mothers' day and some for her birthday and have the rest left for her Christmas present. And I have a few little novelties for her.

All family members have a ticket bought for them for the local (and excellent) rock and roll panto. It's a tradition that started several years ago when we started taking Dad as he loves a panto and took us as a child. Then it expanded to my sister and her dd, then to all the family. I book front row tickets (to address mobility issues) in early July and it sorts Christmas apart from a token something for people to open on the day.

Thingvellir Mon 25-Jul-16 21:52:37

I've done nothing, which is normal for me in July, except currently I'm in the process of buying a new a house that we will be moving into the week before Christmas! I'm going to have to sort Christmas very early this year, or there won't be one! This is a good reminder to get on the Xmas threads early this year....

Longlost10 Mon 25-Jul-16 21:56:21

I just buy presents when I see something that I think someone will like, so have three presents for neices and nephews at the moment. We go and visit family in the October half term, so I like to take as much Christmas shopping as possible with me then, as it can be too much to carry all together on the train in December.

OneLongDay Mon 25-Jul-16 22:02:08

I've got Amazon wish lists for everyone started and found christmas even boxes for he kids that I'm going to order off eBay at the end of the month and paint them myself so I want to get all there boxes brought and stuff inside brought before the end of August and start on the presents, it's hard because 2 DC have birthdays before Christmas and I'm not very good at thinking I won't give them all of this I'll keep some for Christmas so end up buying more but I want to be done by November so can buy some new decorations and have money for days out

georgetteheyersbonnet Mon 25-Jul-16 22:25:49

I've got all the stocking stuff except for choc (got loads of bits in the last January sales). In a fit of enthusiasm I also bought DD some Christmas outfits - I love the Joules and JoJo Maman Bebe Christmas dresses they usually have but they are far too expensive full price, but I found some cheap but new with tags on ebay just after Christmas, bargain!! And I got some Christmassy pyjamas in the right sizes for next year in the Gap sale after Christmas as well. Stocked up on loads of Christmassy picture books in The Works as well (on their 10 for £10 offer), so all DD's stocking, advent books, Christmas pyjamas and outfits are sorted, and also some toddler presents for friends' children. Can't beat a copy of a Christmassy book and some chocolate coins!

I've made lists for this year and have made a start on some of the family presents - am going for food and drink items this year, so the alcoholic stuff can be bought gradually with my usual online shops to spread the cost, and I'll stock up on Christmas eatables (mainly chocolates) closer to the time. My aim is to get them all sorted and wrapped by early November. I've already bought DNephews some lego sets from Amazon when they were at low prices - will add some choc santas or similar and maybe a couple of bits from Tiger nearer the time. I buy for a few family friends as well but have decided that this year they're getting some wine or chocs too to make things easier for me. I've done a few years of painstakingly hunting out the perfect present and this year I feel like an easy year is in order grin

I also stocked up on cards and wrap in the sales, too, so I have all I need. I'm sort of tempted to get wrapping already and start stashing things in cardboard boxes but then I worry that I might forget what I've wrapped grin

I have a few more things for DD but they are smaller things, and I'll need to think of a main present from Santa - not sure yet what she'll like. I'll leave that until much closer to the time. I'll aim to make a list in November of things she might like from family, too.

The only presents I'm stuck on are presents for DD's nursery staff. Any ideas? Would a bottle of wine each for her key worker and the nursery manager, plus a home made Christmas decoration sound okay? And a big box of chocs or biscuits for all the other nursery staff to share? It's the first year DD's been at nursery, and I don't know what people normally expect....

Ought to say that much as I love Christmas, I actually find the present buying and Christmas organising pretty stressful, so getting organised early is partly a displacement activity, and partly done out of a desire to try to make December as stress-free as possible (my job normally ramps up a bit in December and if I leave it all until then I am like a headless chicken and don't enjoy it all one bit. I need to know that everything is sorted by the end of November or I'll be frazzled!)

Zombiemama Tue 26-Jul-16 08:43:32

I have downloaded an app to my phone to put the ideas where they are from how much etc. So far i have 6 ticked as bought!

Argos clearance began the start of DDAlmost 2 santa list. Will leave 3 for 2 to Sept time but have all in a trolley to check out.

Amazon basket also started with stocking fillers and its her birthday 3 weeks before.

I cant wait to this horrible summer weather goes away and we are greeted by dark evenings a frosty nip in the air and chunky scarves. Its the most wonderful time of the year 🎄🎄

nellifurtardo Tue 26-Jul-16 09:31:43

I have all my stocking fillers. My son's presents are nearly done. I have all my wrapping paper and cards oh and crackers I got them all in the January sales. I need to get pyjamas, clothes and presents for family. I have £150 in love to shop vouchers which my husband won at work. Oh and I need to get the hubby lots of presents

SideOrderofChip Tue 26-Jul-16 13:12:39

Bought main presents for two dc. I know what I'm getting for third. Then started picking up presents for various people

TheresaMarie55 Tue 26-Jul-16 14:16:29

I'm doing pretty well, before having children I didn't even make a start until late November/early December. I now shoo around though to spread the cost. I'm saving the stamps for a local shop so that will cover the Christmas shop, should have 60pounds worth by Christmas which on top of the normal weekly shop money will be more than enough. I am over half way done with my two DDS presents (will be 4 and 2 I'm October) and have got most things for the Christmas hamper that the elf will bring. I'm waiting to get DSS presents as his consists mostly of clothes and shoes, being 13 he could have a.massive growth spurt and nothing fit so don't want to buy to early. I tend to just buy the odd thing when I see it or if there's a good deal. Due baby #3 (Hubby's 4th) around 3rd of February as well so have stuff to buy there as well. Planning to buy the big things like pram etc before October as it becomes hectic round here from then with birthdays etc

TheresaMarie55 Tue 26-Jul-16 14:20:25

I hear you zombiemama! I enjoy the summer days that are actually like summer lol but we haven't really had many! My favourite weather is when its cold and frosty and the air is fresh, no rain allowed haha! I also have lots of clothes that will look fab in the winter and am a total poncho lover and miss wearing them in summer x

mouldycheesefan Tue 26-Jul-16 14:22:58

Booked pantomime tickets
Saved £120 per month for Xmas
Will not buy gifts till much nearer time though as kids are fickle

BiddyPop Tue 26-Jul-16 14:43:10

I've got my spreadsheet rolled over (50+ to buy for). I've bought 4 so far I think. And a few stocking bits for DD.

I intended freezing French beans last night from the garden to enjoy over the Christmas break but didn't get a chance - tonight's job.

I have booked a cottage, as there are very few options locally to "home" and we need to travel again this year. Half paid, the other half due in October.

I've got savings started.

DH and I have no ideas yet for DD from Santa or for her birthday (Boxing Day). We usually figure out the main item over the summer and pick it up at some stage in the autumn.

I do have Christmas PJs for DD sorted, but want to get some for DH in the fine weather (he prefers shorts styles). I did manage to get a new Christmas jumper for myself in a sale a few weeks back.

And I have the desert wine for the nice Christmas meal that DH and I will enjoy over the break. I had bought all the nice wine for Christmas dinner last September (I buy 2 nice bottles of white, a bottle of fizz and a half bottle of desert wine early on) but then DFIL got very ill so we didn't stay at home in our own place. So we used the white on 2 nice dinners in spring instead and the fizz when DH got a promotion - I am the only one who really drinks the desert wine. Most years we don't get through all that - but I prefer to have it all and decide on the day which we want to have (some years we have fizz while we cook, others we start a second bottle as we relax later, and finish that the next day).

I need to plan a birthday party for DD as well in the cottage while we are down there. Nibbles, drinks, cake - so reasonably straightforward but just needs some organizing ahead of time.

I'll get there in plenty of time - but I try to get as much done before the start of December to cope with the manic few weeks at work (busy time workwise), all the social events, DD's hectic social life and her raised stress levels (ASD), and actually manage to get some enjoyment out of the season too. Rather than dashing around at the last minute panicking. And spending too much as well.

BiddyPop Tue 26-Jul-16 14:57:41

Georgette - as DD's birthday is over Christmas holidays, she used to bring in a box of cookies (hm) to the crèche in the week before Christmas (there was usually some sort of celebration/show that parents were invited to and goodies were welcomed for). I had a nice recipe for a rolling out dough (which I lost a few years ago sorry) - but I'd make most of it, and DD would whisk eggs and cut out a few shapes at age 1, moving on to greater involvement over the years. (The first year, the cookies she cut out were strictly for home consumption but by the time she was 4, she was mixing a lot, rolling out and cutting most of them). We had a set of small sized cookie cutters in a variety of shapes (mushroom, bird, car, star, elephant etc) which were good for small hands to use and great for small hands/tummies to eat.

Then for the helpers in her room, we'd do a card and nice candle each (they were relatively young and not all were wine drinkers), and another box of chocs for all to share that we dropped in January (there were always LOADS at Christmas and they loved an unexpected treat in Jan!). There were usually 3 staff in each room until Montessori room (down to 1 there).

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