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what is the worst thing

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SideOrderofChip Thu 02-Jun-16 12:44:33

to have happened at Christmas?

Or most embaressing or downright weird.

One year i massively undercooked the beef. but the veg were fine. DH and DD1 were not impressed.

2 years ago me and sil lost all of boxing day by getting rather drunk on red wine. It was only last year we realised we didn't remember her mother in law visiting at all....

RedOnHerHedd Thu 02-Jun-16 12:46:54

The worst thing to happen at Christmas is talking about it in June! wink

Ragwort Thu 02-Jun-16 12:50:52

The worse thing is reading the endless threads on mumsnet, the competitive present buying and the sheer waste of money that people get so stressed about spending ............. and all the debt threads in January grin.

cowssheephens Thu 02-Jun-16 12:54:27

I had a bright idea to cook most of the food Christmas Eve, eat it that evening and then plate up ready for Christmas Day. It would just require reheating. Perfect..... Only for the cooker/oven to pack up midway. grin

It was a bit funny. All the planning and it all went flying out the window.

DH took everything up to my parents, my mum finished cooking everything and we just reheated it the next day. No yorkies tho!

Lilaclily Thu 02-Jun-16 12:56:45

My poor mother once had 15 for Xmas dinner and the oven packed up
We had to use neighbours aga carrying everything up the road !

Lilaclily Thu 02-Jun-16 12:57:12

One of my fave things about Xmas is the Xmas mumsnet threads grin

Lilaclily Thu 02-Jun-16 12:59:38

It's in the Xmas topic people, if you don't want to talk about Xmas in June hide the topic !

cowssheephens Thu 02-Jun-16 15:04:18

Oh your poor mother Lila.

I must say, I love Christmas and could happily talk about all year! grin

attheendoftheday Thu 02-Jun-16 19:02:10

I had to work. Half an hour before my shift finished and I was released to see my family a patient set fire to the ward. I had to evacuate everyone into he snow and spend an additional 2 hours at work, and didn't get home until the kids were in bed.

noeuf Thu 02-Jun-16 19:14:26

I threw an impromptu party - afternoon sherry and mince pies for the neighbours - on Xmas eve which turned into a massive piss up a long alcoholic event leaving everyone in the road hungover and knackered for XMAS day...

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 02-Jun-16 22:58:06

Last Christmas being sat in A&E with my DMum , getting home at 2am Boxing Day (after moving things round so she and DDad could sleep downstairs, DH and I had to move to the room they'd been in )
Then 9am we were in the Pharmacy getting an emergency prescription.

A couple of years before ( it was only DH ,DC and myself) I managed to drop a glass dish of veg in the sink blush
DH and I ate what we could save , the DC were "don't think so, Mother" fgrin

StrumpersPlunkett Thu 02-Jun-16 23:55:17

The first Christmas I spent with my in laws who just really don't do Christmas at all.
I was able to push on through until FIL suggested we leave gift opening for another day as he didn't fancy it today.
I said in a petulant toddler voice ( and possibly stamped my foot) "But it's Christmas today not tomorrow!!"
Would be calmer about it now 16 years later but still would not be prepared for that kind of nonsense. 😊

dodobookends Thu 02-Jun-16 23:57:33

Burst cold water mains pipe under the kitchen sink early on Boxing Day morning.

anyoldname76 Fri 03-Jun-16 00:02:47

when i was a child we had a soot fall on Christmas day, we were all playing on the rug with our new toys after dinner and the soot covered everything

ChristmasZombie Fri 03-Jun-16 08:26:03

A family friend killed driving drunk on Christmas night. sad He'd been out partying and had dropped all his friends home safely, then ran into a tree on his way home. He wasn't found until Boxing Day morning.

I'm trying to think of a funny one to make up for bringing the thread down...

Toottoot22 Fri 03-Jun-16 08:33:45

sad Christmas

Both boys getting chicken pox 2 days before Christmas, after I'd done the big food shop! We had to cancel family visiting (included a 2 week old baby and an elderly aunt with health issues) and had a mountain of food. Youngest slept through Xmas dinner.

SideOrderofChip Fri 03-Jun-16 10:44:10

Ah Chicken pox!

DD1 had it her first Christmas at school. DD2 was 5 months old.

DD1 got it two weeks before Christmas along with half her year group so the nativity was very spotty.

DD2 got it 5 days before Christmas so all our pictures of her first Christmas shes very very spotty!!

Theres also the Christmas we went to my parents. Went to burger king christmas eve when in town shopping. Had food poisoning for Christmas day and boxing day :O

mmgirish Fri 03-Jun-16 17:40:21

2 years ago I left the gas oven on all night on Christmas Eve.... So we woke up to no gas to cook with on Christmas morning.

HowToProceed Thu 30-Jun-16 10:21:14

last year, dh was working christmas eve but was taken ill. i had to go in at 2pm to cover until 5pm (we work in the same place), and he ended up at a&e until 10pm. i was up until 3am getting everything ready. and the absolute worst part (apart from dh having gallstones and spending most of christmas day in bed, and having soup for his christmas dinner), was that i had to switch the leg of lamb off, and went to work with the smell of rosemary all over my hands, that made me really hungry all afternoon.

Banana99 Thu 30-Jun-16 10:33:06

The Christmas MIL refused to make dinner as me and DH had been 'stuffing our faces all day' (had a small sandwich at lunchtime) and then she served a massively overcooked tiny dinner at 8:30pm.
It was a protest as me and DH didn't want a take away Chinese for Christmas dinner! She hated cooking but didn't want anyone else to do it either.
There was trouble most years we went to hers, so we would always have our own Christmas dinner again when we went home!

When she came to ours I used to make a huge dinner with all the trimmings served at 3pm - which also annoyed her as she thought it was too early and too much food.

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