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Date night ideas - thank you

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janaus Sat 02-Jan-16 10:51:13

Thank you to the person who started the thread, about Date Night ideas.

After a year from hell, and not being nice to each other (apparently). I tried it.

I bought a lovely box, with a chalkboard design with the words Do More of What Makes you happy.
I made vouchers, movie night at home, movie night out, picnic, camping .. I can't believe I did that, might try to find it and get rid of it, lol, a date at the place where we got engaged, let's see if he remembers, his choice of a date, my choice of date night, a Pancake restaurant, etc.
Put each one in an envelope and sealed them. Hubby was so thrilled and wanted to open them all at once. No, told him he has to wait.
My adult kids saw the box and the envelopes, and said ewwww, mum, that's gross, lol.
Well my friend saw it today and actually cried.
So, thanks again, and hope others enjoy their date nights.

janaus Sat 02-Jan-16 19:44:14

Ps, not looking for new idea. Just hoping other date nighters get to see what a great idea it wAs.

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