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Going to book Christmas market/shopping trip to York next year. Where to stay in town

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StrumpersPlunkett Sat 02-Jan-16 00:20:28

Would love to do it by train without the car.
Would love to stay city centre ish pref b&b /small hotel with a family room
Any tips great fully received.

popcornpaws Sat 02-Jan-16 14:30:50

My DH and i went one year and we still to this day laugh about how shit it was!
poured of rain the whole weekend, place was mobbed, cafes restaurants etc were full, ended up eating a greasy burger in a shop doorway out of the rain.
It was not the romantic notion i had in my head when i booked it!

anjarose Sat 02-Jan-16 14:32:47

Go to Germany or Prague instead it is gorgeous!! So is York but it didn't compare to be honest do 100 quid pp all in flights and hotel for 2 nights

StrumpersPlunkett Sat 02-Jan-16 17:02:09

Oh no really? It is a romantic notion in my head. Not too far away. Argh!!

StrumpersPlunkett Sat 02-Jan-16 19:52:12

bumping for the evening crowd

StrumpersPlunkett Sat 02-Jan-16 20:47:28

Any lovely York ladies around to help?

Dowser Sat 02-Jan-16 21:29:46

York's pretty flooded at the moment still I think.

I haven't stayed in York but there is a Hilton near Clifford's tower, you could try that.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 02-Jan-16 22:38:57

I've stayed outside of York (once was very rural and we had to drive everywhere. The carparks back then (2001) were tiny, very ££ and busy)

Then we stayed near Askam Bar and got the Park&Ride bus (regular, very reasonable)

York at Christmas sounds gorgeous <<whistful romantic here too>> but I think i'd get a self catering house on the outskirts and walk/bus into town.
Get an online delivery set up/M&S/Bettys for cake grin

The flooding would worry me too. My DSis used to live outside York, she never mentioned flooding but the last few years have been a huge worry.

WidowWadman Sat 02-Jan-16 22:42:10

The flooding is over and York is very much open for business. The Ouse floods regularly, but what happened this time is very much out of the ordinary and shouldn't deter you from going to York. Especially if you're not looking to stay right next to the river.

HanSolo Sat 02-Jan-16 22:43:06

Vienna has a nice Christmas market...

The hotel 53, on Piccadilly has family rooms. We've stayed there, and it was fine.

liquidrevolution Mon 04-Jan-16 12:27:41

I stayed in hotel 53 which is nice and central and has parking as well (although you have to book in and you cant leave the car there after you check out). There is also a travel lodge by Cliffords Tower.

I lived in York for 5 years through uni and its lovely. Its extremely busy at weekends though so make sure you book restaurants etc and be prepared for lunch on the go. I always find the christmas markets are very busy wherever they are. If you want family friendly dinner out, the Pizza Express is in a nice old building but gets very busy.

Yes it floods regularly but this never occurs where the shops are. As for touristy things be aware the minster charges for entry and is ££££ but you can go to the railway museum for free (although its nice to leave a donation).

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