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Different christmas dinner 2016?

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ExConstance Mon 28-Dec-15 09:56:59

As a result of vegetariansism, coeliac husband and one son being a picky eater this year we had Blinis before diner, Anna Jones nut roast (excellent)the usual roast potatoes and veg and Christmas pudding. Despite the fact that we all enjoyed it very much we were feeling so full and uncomfortable the rest of the day we wondered if something a little lighter ( or just smaller portions would be better next time round. DH would like some meat, not turkey and I don't mind doing two choices. Any ideas for a light but exotic starter and less substantial main? We like our christmas pud too much to give that up! DS2 did eat all his dinner eventually but in 3 sessions over the rest of the day.

TheHouseOnTheLane Mon 28-Dec-15 13:46:22

My DH is eats hardly any meat and he says nut roast is too much for his digestion...especially with vegetables too.

He prefers fish for Christmas...nice prawns for example and some salmon perhaps. I have chicken along with the DC because we like it better than turkey! We do a mix of nice salad, roast potatoes and roast sweet potatoes...some greens and gravy for me and DC...whilst DH just eats the fish and whatever salad he fancies with a few roast potatoes.

Starters are never included here as we're all small eaters and with pudding, it's too much.

mareseatoatsanddoeseatoats Mon 28-Dec-15 19:35:23

The m&s mushroom Wellington that I bought in case of unexpected vegetarians was delicious. I'll be buying again.

ExConstance Tue 29-Dec-15 07:38:33

DH is the only one of us not vegetarian so fish is out. DH can't eat shop pastry or nut roasts because he is coeliac, so I have to make it myself to ensure gluten free. Difficult!

TheHouseOnTheLane Tue 29-Dec-15 07:50:26

Why is it "out" if he's not vegetarian? hmm If his diet is so restricted because he's coeliac then surely he deserves a bit of fish!

ExConstance Tue 29-Dec-15 11:35:18

Yes, he can have fish, but he doesn't really want fish for Christmas dinner ( quite likes his coeliac stuffing and gravy, likes to eat the same as us)

ExConstance Wed 30-Dec-15 07:45:04

We have talked, we are having a large curry buffet.

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