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Things to do now that the big day is over?!

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bootygirl Sat 26-Dec-15 13:17:24

Going to in laws today. But what activities can I do between now & New yr with DH & DS12 & DS14.
I bought new game thanks to board game thread & we ll probably play that over the days but I want to make things special but have low budget!
They ve seen Star Wars in cinema in run up. We don't have many friends or family to visit?
Any ideas appreciated!

Earlybird Sat 26-Dec-15 15:52:37

Some families use it as a time to binge-watch telly box sets, or series.

DD and i will probably spend a morning sorting out / laughing at old photos taken when she was little - before everything was digital and 'lived' in our computers.

But you're right....we're all gasping for unscheduled time together, but settling on what to do can be a challenge!

CakeNinja Sat 26-Dec-15 20:07:44

Taking my grandad out for lunch tomorrow then tree down Monday, packing and cleaning as off on holiday Monday night.
in the meantime, ds got about a thousand games that he is insistent on playing with anyone who happens to be in his sight, and the dds are a bit older and are more than happy to just chill and enjoy their new stuff.
I'm not trying to cram anything else in other than an obligatory "get out in the fresh air for an hour a day" otherwise ds and dp get cabin fever and do everyone's heads in!!

hugoagogo Sat 26-Dec-15 20:09:38

Skip around the house with joy-just me?grin

duckbilled Sun 27-Dec-15 00:15:11

I am packing away all the decorations and tree tomorrow, then a big tidy up and new bedding for everyone (don't know why, family tradition).
Night time the board game marathon begins!

bootygirl Sun 27-Dec-15 00:32:02

Definitely going to try to get out for fresh air and maybe watch some box sets!
Won't be allowed to take down decorations till little Christmas!

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