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Goose crisis!

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warmwinterboots Fri 25-Dec-15 15:15:54

A bit of advice please if possible! We've been cooking a goose for about 2.5 hours and the temperature inside suggests it's done. However, when we cut into it it seems to be oozing pink liquid. The meat itself is dark and hot and looks done but I'd rather not end up with food poisoning! Is it ok to eat, do you think?

Help required urgently if poss please as we've already started on the rest of the meal! Bit of a fail this year...

ImtheChristmasCarcass Fri 25-Dec-15 15:32:13

Do you have a meat thermo? Internal temp should be 165f / 74c.

ImtheChristmasCarcass Fri 25-Dec-15 15:33:46

Oops! A few too many Bellinis here.

Juices should run clear, but I'd think if the internal temp is right you should be OK.

wowfudge Fri 25-Dec-15 15:34:08

You need to stick the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat.

warmwinterboots Fri 25-Dec-15 18:31:20

Thanks! Temp was in thickest part at 82 degrees so we went for it. Still alive...for now!!

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